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2011年8月28日 星期日

Sing weight loss

Sing weight loss

Circulating on the Internet There are many ways to lose weight, such as banana diet, acupuncture, or hot springs buried so strange weight loss methods Now probably behind the times! According to the mainland, "Sohu" reported a study in Japan, sing if the method, The use of abdominal muscles, can actually burn the body fat, consumption of calories to achieve weight loss results. Interestingly, Scientists stressed the need to "choose antiphonal singing" in order to achieve as the movement-like effects, such as Chang Hui-mei, "three days and three nights" can consume 19.3 calories; Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" you can burn 13.5 calories, and fast-paced, big ups and downs of the music is more effective!

The study pointed out, sing to adopt "abdominal breathing" will be applied to the abdominal muscles, using the effect of muscle contraction, the muscles can be tight. At the same time, the use of abdominal breathing the diaphragm can be adjusted in the event when the amount of air inhaled and exhaled, fat used when the oxygen decomposition will be fully absorbed, to burn fat.

But correspondents confirmation Wanfang Hospital Obesity Prevention Center Forest Yannong physicians, doctors stressed that life in each of the activities will consume the body's heat, but those scattered energy is not sufficient to achieve "weight loss" effect. Lin Yannong MD, singing alone when the activities of the diaphragm and not consume too many calories can really achieve effective weight loss method is regular body movement with adjustment of diet and lifestyle is most effective.

Lin Yannong doctor suggested, you want to lose weight was to follow, "333 motion" principle, that is, exercise at least three times a week, every 30 minutes or more per minute and heart rate under 130. But also to choose can make muscles can move to the main activities, such as aerobics or jogging and ball games and so on. However, the effect of weight loss exercise alone may not be, if such lifestyle with diet changes can have a better weight loss results, and urged the public not to try to lose weight easily remedies to avoid hazardous to their health