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2011年8月28日 星期日

Sing can also lose weight

Sing can also lose weight

"In the past always rely on 'pipe shut, taking the legs' to lose weight, you can always sisters around these days that singing can also lose weight. All right we went to K song, anyway, some of the high-pitched songs over and over after whole body sweat, as reducing the number of calories, we do not know. "where in you experience, K song a waste of effort, but to say" KTV sing a song equal to the playground to run 100 meters ", even given the consumption of different songs calories, lose weight by K song, you believe it?

Foreign experiment:

Faye Wong's song to sing neutral fat consumption

Japan's Fukuda Hospital have done an experiment, three women were recruited to sing five songs, of which three are Faye Wong's song, over and over after measuring their body in the neutral fat value, the value of the results of three neutral fat all reduced, two of them also reduced by half. Experts said that Faye Wong's song is gentle and mildly, the most suitable to express emotions. If the method used to sing when they are correct, make full use of body parts such as organs, muscles and internal organs, can consume large amounts of physical fitness, as also do the same exercise.

The study also shows: the singing, the body of calories consumed is usually about 3-4 times the work, do it for two hours, "Mr Pa" to consume all the food for dinner.

Online said:

K Song abdominal breathing to help burn fat

Singing and breathing when breathing in daily life do not speak the same. Usually, when people talk to the desired volume is small, shallow breath, no great efforts. And sing to express emotion, to listen to others sing. Thus requires both a certain volume of sound, but also have a certain intensity changes and requirements according to the needs of the song, or long, or short, or strong, or weak, or high or low the controlled delivery breath.

Sing the basic diet is breathing abdominal breathing. Take full advantage of the effect of abdominal muscle contraction, metabolism, but also to strong abdominal muscles. Use abdominal breathing when diaphragm activity can regulate the amount of air inhaled and exhaled, oxygen required for decomposition of fat can be absorbed fully, these will help burn fat.

Consumption of different songs in different

Weight-loss experts did a study of a person over and over consumption of oxygen after a song, and one hundred meters after the finish of oxygen consumption compared to the two are quite effective, which means equal to sing a song to run a hundred meters. For example, Chang Hui-mei, "three days and nights", you can consume 19.3 calories; Dikeniuzi the "Forgot I forget him," can consume 19.1 calories; Kelly's "Automatic" can consume 12.9 calories; Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" calories can be consumed 13.5