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2011年8月28日 星期日

banana diet

According to legend, a large S with a banana diet, eating only one, to maintain the basic heat and nothing to eat. In this way, we can see the front of the camera, she suddenly fat suddenly thin. Shows how to use bananas to lose weight quick, the effect is significant. But not everyone has the stars of perseverance, not to mention day to eat a banana, which is too unhealthy, too unreasonable, right. If you just eat a little meal, not only lose weight but also beauty, this approach does not sound very tempting it?

Try those: MIUMIU

Age: 23 years old

Height: 158cm

Health: Drug acquired obesity.

Experience difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Weight time: 7 days

Weight before Weight: 130 pounds

After weight loss Weight: 128 pounds

Weight loss: 2 pounds

Banana + vinegar + weight-loss combination of brown sugar from Japan, three meals a day time drink three tablespoons of vinegar banana diet can achieve the role of light is said to be 8 pounds a month or so. This banana can drink vinegar, can be diluted with cold water, you can drink before meals can also be a meal if a meal can be separated by 10 minutes and then drink. Side of the Cu side can also eat bananas, helps to speed up fat consumption and increase satiety.

In addition, if the banana vinegar according to the ratio of 1:10 against the good, put into the thermos, water exercise can be done to supplement the loss of movement of minerals, sugars and amino acids to help restore physical strength. It also can be added to food, have the same effect, such as soy, milk, vegetable juice, cooking, meat, salad and rice noodles and other foods, unique taste, increase the flavor.

The banana vinegar are also very simple, just 100g bananas, 100g brown sugar and vinegar with 200ml sealed bottles in the microwave for 30 seconds, such as brown sugar to melt, mix the vinegar and let cool is bananas. If you do not like banana flavor, but also can be replaced with apples, grapes, strawberries, and even bitter, made the same way apple cider vinegar, grape vinegar, strawberry vinegar and bitter vinegar, have the same effect. In addition, if not buy brown sugar, rock sugar can be replaced, vinegar can also be replaced by the ordinary vinegar.

Weight loss experience:

The vinegar does not taste good, after dilution, or added to other foods, the taste is not so obvious it can be. Especially after the vinegar soaked fruit, the taste becomes strange. Brown sugar and vinegar may be the imbalance, this kind of sweet and sour taste good. Fortunately, just drink a small amount every day like, or really insist on not down. Because you can not buy with a vinegar fruit vinegar, vinegar may be replaced by the taste will drink some. Some people say that things will drink acid appetizer, but the banana vinegar but have appetite-suppressing effect, especially before eating pickled banana after.

Weight loss:

Week down less obvious, possibly because the time is not long enough, it may be because the effect is not obvious. Overall body shape and weight after use little change.

Zhejiang University nutritionist Wang Jingyun recommended nutrition center Knott

1 banana vinegar diet reasonable?

Is not reasonable.

(2) those who experience weight little reason?

As the banana vinegar taste is not good, so the experience of those who suppress the appetite before meals, after eating, resulting in a relatively small amount of food, and because the acid in gastric juice increased, making the rate of food digestion faster than usual, so this is those couple of pounds of weight loss can cause thin, but the vinegar contained in the "acetic acid", "citric acid", "malic acid" into the human body, it will happen "citric acid cycle" effect, citric acid cycle is to fat, carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients broken down, into the role of energy, but the amount per meal three tablespoons vinegar banana is actually not much, not to the excessive intake of fat into energy, can only serve to prevent some fat deposition effect, so weight loss in 7 days only to subtract a couple of pounds of weight.

3 This method of weight loss long-term use may cause side effects or adverse effect?

The average person in the use of this diet, when one is three spoons of vinegar, a rough calculation, a tablespoon of vinegar is 10 ml, three spoons of vinegar is 30 ml, three times a day to drink, it probably is 90 ml day Hecu of the maximum is 30 ml, so this diet, excessive intake of vinegar, vinegar consumption of excessive amounts, will burn the esophagus, gastric erosion, although the vinegar can enhance absorption of calcium, but the vinegar drink, but impede calcium metabolism, damage to bone stiffness, likely to cause osteoporosis, osteoporosis in order to lose weight and become worth it.

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