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2011年9月1日 星期四

Weight one hundred tons

Weight one hundred tons

Taichung City held earlier this year, "weight one hundred tons' activities, which target people of Taichung Mayor Jason Hu, yesterday said he was so many months only by about 1 kg, but also fuel, activities will be in the September 30 deadline, the current reached was only about 6 percent.
Sponsored by the Health Bureau that participate in the activities of a total of 70,007 thousand people who want to achieve the target of 100 tons (10 million kilograms), equal to minus 1.3 kilograms per person, in fact, not difficult, the current statistics has reached 64 tons.

Please activities as spokesperson Mayor Jason Hu, he promised to cut 10 kilograms, but it is understood so far only by a 1 kg, the day before yesterday he was also a vegetarian magazine reported more eating more fat, BMI value is the highest ranking city and county.

Hu said yesterday that his body mass index (BMI) was quite high, but no matter how, the focus is "to lose weight on the right." He said he has been on a diet, since June has been reduced from more than 1 kg, in principle, is eat less and move, but did not do a very intense weight loss, diet and exercise but from the start, he is confident can achieve weight loss before the end of the year 5 kg target.

Deputy Mayor Xiao Jiaqi weight one hundred tons, also attended the event, has lost 3 kg, BMI value of about 26.7 is still overweight, but the pants have loose circle, he said his daily swim, jog non-stop, multi-sport that allows the spirit of changed for the better.

Health Bureau, Health Care, pointed out that Taichung City 18 to 64-year-old adult obesity rate of 40.5%, slightly less than the national 41.7%, but still very impressive high rates; 6 to 11-year-old students obesity rate has reached 22%, even higher than in previous years .