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2012年8月22日 星期三

Eat fruit anti-fat weight loss did not lose weight.

Lose weight, eat fruit blindly to lose weight, body weight,

Summer, many people try a fruit diet, pineapple diet, banana diet, but not only did not thin, but fat, nutritionists remind fruit sweetness and light to eat the fruit may not lose weight, but also eat their way to the opposite effect.

Summer is the season to lose weight, fruit weight-loss method Magical circulating on the Internet, "three meals a day to eat pineapple month lost 8 kilograms" light to eat fruit, hungry vain, fast and lean "Now fever, weight loss text friends rumors fruit diet may be all you can eat, not only not hungry, but also a successful weight-loss.

Professional nutritionists and shook his head, but after listening to this diet, not only to eat their way to the opposite effect, and are more likely to get that sick.

The high fruit sweetness, eat will still fat, fruit-eat dinner than to eat a balanced diet, calories come high, therefore, Pingtung Christian Hospital dietitian Liuchun Jun people survived by eating fruit, not only I did not lose weight, but also fat.

Lose weight, eat fruit blindly to lose weight, body weight

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