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2012年8月24日 星期五

First move fast and effective thin diet weight lose

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The ‖ implement the principle of "meal 1 teaspoon

Be sure to resist the temptation of mouth, the control diet is the best way to solve this embarrassing problem. Eat foods with high fat content as much as possible, such as cream cakes, chocolate, ice cream and french fries potato chips, do not be too indulge its mouth and stomach, loose lips also applies here.

Control diet too strict affect health, caused by the lack of body trace elements and nutrients, so you can eat more fish and shellfish, legumes and cereals to supplement the necessary nutrition. Of time and hold cooking with olive oil and sesame oil instead of salad oil, and always carry out the principle of a meal 1 tsp oil, able to control the fat intake.

Good easy "fat burning petty thin waist

The accumulation of fat in the lower body is very stubborn, and easier to go slower, so you want to take preventive measures, usually you have to pay attention to control the fat intake. Of course, a good approach is to take more exercise to burn off excess fat, do some movement of the hips and legs, thin waist will have a good effect. Try to bid farewell to the elevator back to the the climbing stairs era, it is time to do some yoga or stretching exercises, lower body muscle workout compact, Man Yao back.

‖ Good habit to develop tea

Develop the good habit of drinking tea, a lot of tea ingredients on his stomach to help, the more we drink will be the smaller of his stomach. Recommended two less abdominal best tea.

Made with lotus, lotus leaves and lotus tea, can break down fat, eliminate constipation, also acts as a diuretic and prevention of age-related diseases. Lotus leaf tea has no side effects, long-term drinking. But pay attention to one thing: the lotus leaf tea must bubble concentrated drink the first brew tea, bubble basically had no effect. Constipation drink 4 pack a day, four times fasting drinking, will be able to smooth. Lotus leaf tea is also characterized by: long-term drinking will prefer light and not eat greasy food.

Oolong tea is semi-fermented tea, rich in iron, calcium, trace elements, containing ingredients promote digestive enzymes to break down fat, burn body fat, not only can not absorbed by the body fat directly excreted, but also prevent fat absorption multi-caused illness, have a good effect in anti-tumor, blood fat, anti-aging aspects.

‖ Drink plenty of water is benevolent

Always remember, eight glasses of water a day, drink less stimulus beverage, is one of the most effective way to guarantee a healthy and slim. Eat breakfast in the morning before a cup of white water, light honey water or add a cellulose water, to accelerate gastrointestinal motility, the night before the body of waste and metabolites excreted to reduce the opportunities for small pot.

Thirsty should be the body to replenish moisture. The body of water will lead to reduced levels of metabolism. Water in the coffee and other beverages because of the role of caffeine in the absorption process and the loss of more than half, so we can not rely entirely on coffee and drinks to replenish moisture.

■ three minutes a day of fast and effective thin waist second trick> thin waist movement turned with a small waist woman

Are convex body is the pursuit of every woman of good taste, want men fell for you, in addition to a pretty face, breasts, slender legs, a waistline Oh! Belly meat to get rid of annoying , just spend three minutes!

□ "boat-thin waist method

Efficacy: This style can stimulate the thyroid, promote metabolism, increase blood circulation of the female abdomen, improve indigestion and other problems; while helping to shape the waist of the sexy lines.

‖ Decomposition action:

Sitting, naturally straight back, slightly lean back. Feet side, the knees, affixed to the soles of the feet, hands held onto the knee.

‖ The decomposition Action 2:

Not automatically inhale, exhale, lift the leg until the leg and parallel to the ground, toes pointed backward upper body again. Tighten the abdomen, the entire body to adjust to a state of equilibrium.

‖ The decomposition Action 3:

Not automatically inhale, exhale, slowly straighten your legs, hands slowly along the direction of the head and spine straight elongated torso and legs form a "v" shape. Cohesion strength in waist, chest straight back. Clamping feet together. Maintaining natural breathing. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds or more.
 diet, weight  lose 

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