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2012年8月22日 星期三

Weight loss coup!

Swiss psychologist: see beauty can make people eat less

Swiss researchers recruited some volunteers, they were divided into two groups, so that they can enjoy eating chocolate in 5 minutes and complete a taste Assessment Questionnaire. In the process of eating chocolate, the first group in the room where the computer screen continue to show pieces of well-known works of art paintings, a second room where, it highlights some shapely good look beautiful portrait. The results found that 6.2 average per person for the first group of volunteers ate chocolate, and most of the participants do not pay attention to the works on the screen, and the second group of people the majority will go to focus on beautiful portrait, and the average person only eats 4.5 chocolate.
, The researchers explained, to see the beautiful image of women compare themselves with others for comparison, and thus control their appetite unknowingly; men in time to see the beauty in an appreciative look to watch, time to enjoy things naturally eat less.
Keywords: weight loss coup, Swiss psychologist ,beauty

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