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Do not strive to lose weight

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Without trying to lose weight law summaries:

This weight loss method first to tell you, those who lose weight is wrong, there will be serious consequences!

A Village, Hiroko, MD, further confessions - beauty physical body sculpting method - a truly effective weight loss method.

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5 kinds of terrorist lose weight serious consequences:

X! Single-product diet
    → "eat a certain food will cause you to produce malnutrition, while your mind and body will give rise to various symptoms.

X! Do not eat starchy foods, weight loss

    → do not eat starchy foods will cause your brain to lose its vitality, decreased concentration, decreased serotonin secretion, leading to feelings of depression.

X! Short-term weight loss
  → a moment let your body into a starvation state, but to enhance the appetite, the final brain issued the instruction "try to eat", they will definitely fat.

X! Drug weight loss
   → use of laxatives or diuretics to lose weight law - just in the drainage, you can cause dehydration, become easy to edema of the constitution. Continued use, the fear will lead to hypokalemia and serious illness.

X! Vomiting to lose weight method
→ cause your arrhythmia, will hurt the digestive organs, circulatory organs, respiratory organs, causing serious illness.
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17 healthy weight loss principles, so that you easily lose weight without patience not fat Xiangshou!

Highlights are as follows:
○ 1 month minus 1 kg
○ through the exercise + diet, to reduce 200 calories a day intake
○ eat some breakfast, normal intake to three meals a day than the intake of meals is also not easy to fat
○ through the body Calendar clear grasp of their physical condition
○ particularly want to eat food is absolutely no patience, patience is the poison of the beauty and health
○ pay attention to body signals, address gynecological problems

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