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2012年10月12日 星期五

Bath ways to lose weight

Weight loss methods. Baths baths to lose weight, lose weight
1. Accelerate the systemic blood circulation, increase metabolism.
2 bath for 20 minutes, can consume about 200 calories.
The water pressure can promote lymph circulation, accelerating metabolism of the old waste.
Vapor can help respiratory eliminate waste, so that the chest is not depressed.
5 secondary effect:
   After 10 minutes in the bath or bath massage the legs, will increase the massage effect.

Ten improve the the metabolism method one is more baths.

The bath way to lose weight is one of the easiest way to another promoting metabolism high temperature repeatedly bathing and promote vascular
Contraction, expansion, and stimulate the sweat glands sweating Bath time 3 minutes, rest for 5 minutes before entering the bath cycle was repeated three times,
Can unknowingly consume large amounts of energy. This effect is equivalent to 1000 meters of jogging.

Of course, some people find it troublesome words directly Bath 15-20 minutes. The bath can also promote the the old horny update, to keep the skin smooth and delicate.

It must be noted that a bad heart who is not fit to wash sauna or a hot bath often, may wish to traditional health care
Recipe - hot foot bath to replace, which not only enables the foot microvascular expansion, promote blood circulation, but also increase the fine
Cellular permeability, improve metabolism, while achieving fitness expectorant role, and improve your feet cold.

Weight loss methods. Baths baths to lose weight, lose weight
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