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2012年10月13日 星期六

Metabolic balance healthy way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, metabolic balance, healthy weight loss
Metabolic balance principle of weight loss methods
With a simple way of cups, bowls, or the palm of your hand, the precise measurement of the food calories "do not eat", with the continued movement of the past two years to lose weight 20 kg, hypertension,
The tuna belly apnea is gone and no longer fat.

Metabolic balance way to lose weight
Does not rely on drugs, not deliberately go on a diet, metabolic balance diet, health slimming, Hong Taixiong Director said, most people think that eating less will be thin, but the body is usually starving, no food the body will start digestible protection mechanisms, and automatically raised liver sugar used muscle break down amino acids, and finally lose muscle, but the fat still seems thin, short-term, eventually regained.

Metabolic balanced way to lose weight focus
The adults the heat of the day, the body's basal metabolic rate plus activities require heat, coupled with the digestion of food, the sum of the heat, so eat as long as six major food groups balanced eating, accurate calculation of the heat, but the amount of eating you will not get fat, this time can be used readily available bowls, spoons, cups to calculate the heat, look at the palms of their hands, according to the palm-sized divided into three two-handed, two-handed and two-handed 5, hands covered in meat, fish, the tofu can know the weight and calories you eat.

Metabolic balance weight loss methods secret
Precise control of heat to eat
2 very important part of defecation is also a weight loss every day ", drink, posing, food, Xie five words and formulas
3 morning and evening, massage the stomach, after getting an empty stomach to drink the 500c.c. warm water or discretion drink Kucha
4 waist movement in the morning, eat fiber-rich vegetables
5 good habit to develop a solution will be regularly
Coupled with continued movement will be able to healthy weight loss.
Weight loss methods, weight loss, metabolic balance, healthy weight loss

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