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2012年10月11日 星期四

Step Rocker weight loss method


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Step Rocker concrete steps to lose weight:
1, dieters prone position, both doctors who hand bars, foot end for dieters, do slip extrapolation several times since Dazhui along the bladder through route.
2 position with the dieter Healer two hand bars for dieters cephalic, a foot in the weight loss side of the thigh, one foot in the back of the dieters bladder through route rubbing method, repeated a number of times, after enough big toe point pressure Ganshu, spleen, stomach Yu, E. Yu, Shenshu, triple burner Yu, 1 minute per hole.
3, former position with the weight loss, the doctors who stood to lose weight on one side, cross one foot rub shoulder blades back and lumbosacral degrees hot.
4 dieters position with the doctors who sit on the head side sitting board feet outside will lose weight by erector spinae Nieqi do grind rub, to have a sense of soreness degrees.
5, with the former posture, feet alternately rub back and lumbosacral degrees hot.
Position with the dieter, dieters cephalad-oriented, one leg rubbing buttocks 3-5 times on each side.
7 position with the doctors who stand on the side of the dieter, rub one foot lower extremity foot Liver Meridian Foot Gallbladder by line, each 3-5 times.
8, foot big toe Point pressure home liao loop jump, Cheng Fu, Sanyinjiao Zusanli 1 minute per hole.
9, the same body position, one leg before knead the rolling lower limb behind 3-5 times.
10 dieters position with the doctors who sit at the foot sitting board feet rub the outside of the foot, hot degrees.
11, dieters supine healer station dieters side and one foot in the abdomen clockwise rotary friction law 3-5.
12, before the position with the healer on one foot clockwise from the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid area to do the rubbing method 8-10 times.
13, with the former posture, foot big toe point pressure Zhongwan, sea air, moisture, Guan Yuan, Tianshu hole, one minute per hole. Mainly reducing method.
14 position with the doctors who kick dieters abdomen horizontal scrub, hot degrees.
15, with the former posture, healer one leg dieters abdomen rub scrolling method, repeated operation 3-5 times
16, knead 3-5 times to scroll the front of the thigh.
Yin Meridian of Hand, 17, rub scroll Sanyang by 3-5 times on each side.
Step adjuvant therapy Rocker diet
1, the diet should eat more foods containing fiber control diet is not excessive.
2, increased physical activity and sports, such as weight loss exercises, weight loss exercise, cold bath, swimming to burn calories received weight loss results.
3, with drug and fomentation therapy may be appropriate. 1 day, 30 times as a course of treatment.
Way to lose weight, lose weight, step Rocker lose weight, step Rocker weight loss method

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