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2012年10月8日 星期一

Healthy weight loss - psychological method


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    High anxiety scenarios

    Will eat more than usual

    Wei Sheng in obesity not only external clues sensitive than the average person, other food-related cues also keen than the average person, even if not hungry, as long as the current food, they would not like the Thin Man "modest". Obese people experience high anxiety scenarios will eat more than usual; normal weight who experience high anxiety scenarios, you will eat less. In many different emotional scenarios are obese increased appetite.

    In shape the United States, the movement is the key factor diet. Mental health, however, the same can not be ignored, and bad feelings will people eat not sweet, hardly sleep last night, looks also aging faster. Therefore, adjust the recipes to limit the intake of the proper exercise The general principle of modern weight loss, however, I think that to lose weight but also to use psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and behavior therapy. "Wei Sheng Zhongqiang stressed the role of psychological weight loss weight loss. The ancients had a poem: "pine wide end does not regret, to eliminate the Iraqi people were emaciated, we can see the spirit of weight loss.

    Method One

    Changing views of beauty and ugliness as

    Psychology increasingly important in modern society, the psychological weight loss has been mentioned that a position can not be ignored, began to receive the attention of more and more weight loss experts and obese people. Wei Sheng in the analysis that psychoanalytic treatment is not only to control and to reduce the weight of obese, the key is to change their body image, subjective evaluation of the beautiful and the ugly, strong or weak, given that people of their own bodies. Obese personality incomplete feel strongly dissatisfied with the body, by changing the treatment of body image, self-evaluation can improve and increase their sense of self-worth, and get a good body image. "

    For example, A lady think as long as slim down, and will be able to solve all kinds of problems. Hope to hear from someone else "you slim, oh" praise and lose weight, even when the health check the measured weight standard, but my mind was'd like to lean a little, since not work or interpersonal harmony, relationship because of their body type. Wei Sheng said, A lady does not need to lose weight, this is not entirely the appearance, in order to solve the problem, you can have a better way, such as before, temperament.

    Method Two

    The disgust training appetite suppressant

    Behavioral therapy, according to the theory of conditioned reflex, try to correct the misconduct abnormal reaction caused by obesity, behavioral science analysis of the characteristics of the feeding behavior of obese and movement type as a basis for reasonable correction actions lead to obesity, the development of a proper behavior such as the use of some additional conditions, the obese people to avoid overeating. "Wei Sheng explained that, although the stomach is not hungry when B girl restless, but nothing to eat, often do not have food to eat on static heart to no less. In fact, B girl eating is not is to satisfy the appetite disrupt her eating behavior, but because of the relationship of the pressure.

    Wei Sheng said, the solution is aversion training. Fat bloated body literally drawn paste in the fridge next to, or paste due to a bloated been laughed at comic; or their potbellied photos to be placed on the table, while watching the photo, while eating, so that my face delicacies, he tried to gobble when immediately by disgust stimulus to suppress appetite.

    Method three

    The eating speed training implied lose weight

    "If obese learned easily eat slowly, he would have time to eat something to savor and to time will naturally stop if you eat too fast, can allow himself to pause for a while after eating a small amount of and then eat the other two methods is not a guide to obese people eat less, but to help them to master the skills of patience hunger, they gradually use these methods to determine a reasonable appetite. "said Wei Sheng in control eating speed training, can also be psychological implied lose weight.

    In addition, if you often eat in a specific environment, such as watching TV eating snacks, and the passage of time, watching TV eat regardless of hunger or not. According to the characteristics of the obese, based on the following two principles ingestion can achieve the desired results: first, only within a certain time at a certain place, dining; second, not watching TV while eating.

    Method Four

    Self-Incentive Act

    Achieve "intangible lean"

    Wei Sheng in "pleasure hormones" is the key to successful weight-loss techniques in the brain, you should be trying to find the "eat" other than pleasure, will be able to get rid of dependence on eating this way of thinking is the idea of ​​weight loss. The secret of success is to miss their own will be able to lose weight successfully, do not doubt that they will lose weight. Only by adhering to not give up, you can make your own by obesity figure virtually slim down.

    The obese way to reward a firm determination to lose weight. As per adhere to the diet one day, you throw a coin into the piggy bank, and reward yourself like to buy something. Keep in mind, however, do not the food to the mouth Award; such as body weight per fattening pounds go out into the empty bag fitted with 1 kg of sand or other things, and often mention that the bag to see if there are multiple. This weight is before your body extra meat.
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