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2012年8月30日 星期四

10 most effective exercise to lose weight

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1, a 12-minute freestyle, consume 836KJ heat

Daily consume 836KJ movement, three times a week, you can stay away from the troubles of obesity. Short time and calories consumed large swimming is the best choice to save time. Also swimming, freestyle relatively large amount of exercise, and only takes 12 minutes to consume a lot of heat, quickly try it!

10,000 steps a day walking to stay in shape does not rebound

Speed ​​to feel a little sweat, walking 10,000 steps a day, can consume 836KJ. A month you can lose weight the 1kg, oh.

Converted into time, the equivalent of walking two hours a day, you can use a little faster than normal walking speed of 4 km distance. A local slope walking the more effective the stairs or the like.

3, stretching, time insist on the best seven seconds effects

Do stretching exercises, you should choose a suitable amount of exercise, under normal circumstances, a Round insist on the best in about 7 seconds. By stretching exercise to lose weight, if the drop will cause the opposite effect, so be sure to adhere to!

4, more than 20 minutes of jogging can effect

Aerobic exercise can fully burn body fat, and continue to transport Oxygen to the various parts of the body, an effect superior way to lose weight. Jogging is aerobic exercise for 20 minutes, the body fat begins to burn, to achieve the effect of weight loss. Swimming, walking and other aerobic exercise are all, you can choose according to different conditions.

Bust bath 5, in hot water at 37 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes

Immersion in water at 37 degrees Celsius bust can start the cells in the body to speed up metabolism. Leisurely bath in water, can be effective in promoting the sweat from you from the inside to the outside, tender and beautiful people. 20-minute soak in the tub useful obesity. If you do not like sports, with simple bust Bath, to complete the weight loss mission it!

6,5 seconds pressing ear acupuncture point 5, you can control appetite

The ear controls appetite points, called hunger point. Press 5 or so a day, and can be effective in reducing appetite. 5 seconds, press 5, preferably 30 minutes before meals, the better. However, the effect of weight loss varies from person to person.

7,30-minute foot massage, which can effectively reduce appetite

Acupressure, massage therapist, acupressure is very effective in controlling appetite.

8, the bus, lift the toes of one hour standing, exercise the leg muscles

Only one-way travel time standing than sitting to consume approximately 84kJ from a total consumption of about 167kJ. Lift the stand on tiptoe, slim fit ankle, it is recommended!

9, 1 hour dance club jump

The body part of the activities of Patong para dance, just do a sport will be able to lose weight. Daily dance, the whole body feels thinner. Want more slim, just dancing seriously some can dance, can consume 836kJ jump one hour at the club, which is the day consumed the highest amount. Adhere to the more than 20 minutes to be effective. Achieve the efficacy of sports entertainment, once a day, is very beneficial to the body.

10, eat chewing mouth 20 under

A lot of chewing, can effectively subtract facial fat. At least 20 under

Exercise to lose weight, lose weight, most effective exercise to lose weight, most effective exercise to lose weight

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