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2012年8月26日 星期日

Magical Beer weight loss method

I lost 20 kilos rely on " Magical Beer weight loss method"

Community website mixi inside, I took part in the "downsizing" Community, the group has a membership of 250,000 persons or more, full of all kinds of weight loss information. I want to share a beer one of the most effective weight loss method.

Incidentally, I am relying on this method, a decade lost 20 kilos.

Drinking beer is not fat? "

Although it should be suspected, but really effective.

In the past three decades, I have tried all kinds of weight loss method. Weight loss and suffering the pain of another war. I think so. More Xiangshou, the greater the pressure, the result would be more fat ... but also spent a lot of money.

~ Is really terrible.

However, I really like to lose weight the natural enemies beer .
I drink beer, even the people around you are surprised, and drink every day. High calories of beer on it.
But you can lose weight!

But is not to drink light beer will be able to lose weight, please note.
Drink when this spell:

"It looks like a good drink."
"Good drink"
"Just tastes so good."

As long as said above, this group of three sentences on the line!

This spell combination is also effective when eating. Relish the taste of food, the importance of this thing is bigger than we thought, this is my personal experience. How to say again, I rely on this lost 20 kilos!

People who need to lose weight, a large liked to eat sweets or greasy foods. However, eating with relish, there will not be any problem just fat. (Laughs).

The problem is that most people will regret after eating (before I).

In fact to regret itself is the universe will bring the most stressful things. However, this pressure will lead to overeating.
Later regret, eat the next meal you do not eat, and then the next meal and eat.
Originally lose weight for healthy and beautiful, but to do so but will body mess. Only by maintaining a healthy, people can become beautiful.

"Looks delicious  delicious  just really delicious "
Utilize law with a delicious three sections, with gratitude to eat it! Of food to be eaten, must also am pleased that and even digestion will be followed changed for the better.

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