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2012年8月30日 星期四

Snacking way to lose weight

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Eat fruit rather than drink or drink less fruit juice: feeling to want to eat much more than drinking fruit juice because eating whole fruit.
Drink skim milk rather than drink whole milk: protein content because they are the same, and to drink skim milk, to make you feel eat protein rather than fat.
Drink the broth and drink soup: formal dining before the drink Tang Youli You Eat, but do not drink containing meat chowder.
Eat fresh fruits and do not eat dried fruit: any food to remove moisture, heat rises. The calorie intake of the same case, the greater the weight of the fresh fruit and more conducive to weight loss.
Eating fruits and do not eat biscuits: Even fat-free cookies, heat than French fries! And because it has neither water, nor the fiber can not engender a sense of satiety, or eat a high water and fiber content of strawberries.
Eat fruit but do not eat the salad: fruit calories low, However, if mixed with salad dressing and sugar, the advantage lost. The most ordinary salad dressing containing more fat, a fruit, even if only to add a few spoonfuls also cause heat straight up, might as well eat the fruit directly.
The density of low-calorie recipes disadvantage is less hungry hungry, meal two or three hours, it does not matter, appropriate snacks, eat a low-calorie snack foods in between meals, so that can meet your snacking the desire, but that does not fattening and not very wonderful

Weight loss methods, weight loss, snacks, snacking to lose weight, eat snacks weight loss methods

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