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2012年8月29日 星期三

Natural weight loss method

Natural weight loss, weight loss, weight loss methods, natural weight loss method

From now on, stop counting calories, stop torturing intense exercise, lose a laundry list of side effects of diet pills and stay away from scary surgery, through the purification of the body, proper nutrition, changing lifestyle and spiritual healing can naturally to lose excess weight and to maintain good health and body forever.

Simple to do, naturally thin

. Chew each bite completely to swallow, not only helps relieve stress, can thus lose excess weight.

. Eat raw food diet eat cooked food, and allows the digestive process more smoothly. Eat only raw food do not eat cooked food, will lower your digestion, causing food in the intestine between fermentation and corruption, produce toxins and make you fat.

. Conduct liver and gallbladder purification, may strengthen your digestion, reduce waste accumulation in the intestines, and thus natural weight loss.

. Away from artificial colors, additives, preservatives, because in order to protect you from the poison, the body will create excess fat to wrap these substances.

. Lost the wounds of the past, do not let fear, anger, shame, angst and negative emotions accumulate and occupy your body.

. 10:00 every day to go to bed and sleep at least 6-8 hours to allow the body manage appetite and metabolic hormones in the perfect state of balance, so you automatically lose weight.

. The best exercise time in the morning from 6:00 to 10:00, each lasting thirty minutes to two minutes of rest, select brisk walking, jogging, cycling and other sports.
Natural weight loss, weight loss, weight loss methods, natural weight loss method

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