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2012年8月30日 星期四

Gene to lose weight

Gene weight loss, weight loss methods, obesity, genes

Tsuji this ho three, said: "The diagnosis of this gene can assist in the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome caused by a variety of symptoms."

Research team to take forty GPR120 mutant mice with forty the GPR120 normal mice experiment, each fed a low-fat (13%) and fat (60 per cent) are two fresh bait, observed ten six weeks.

The experimental results showed that the two groups of mice fed a low-fat fresh bait is not much difference in the weight of the before and after the experiment. However, in mice fed a high-fat bait food, the the GPR120 gene was disrupted mice, weighing more than ordinary mice 15% 1.5 times that of the ordinary mice, subcutaneous fat weight, visceral fat and liver weight are common 1.9 times of the mice.

This means that, and GPR120 genes and diet caused obesity, the two are closely related.

The study also compared the GPR120 gene, obesity Europeans often eat high-fat meals six thousand nine hundred and seven thousand six hundred and fifty of normal weight who GPR120 gene. It was found that the obese, 2.4% of the GPR120 gene mutations, but those of normal weight, only 1.3% of people GPR120 gene mutation; than GPR120 gene mutations the GPR120 gene mutations, the possibility to become fat about sixty percent.

Tsuji said Ben Howe, GPR120 like the control center to control metabolism, as long as the development of drugs to stimulate GPR120, may be able to prevention and treatment of obesity.

Gene weight loss, weight loss methods, obesity, genes

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