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2012年8月30日 星期四

Love food to lose weight

Love food, weight loss methods, greedy, and love of food to lose weight

Many girls lose weight before the retreat grounds are "love food", "greedy", and thus give up the weight-loss plan. In fact, as long as the smart girl develop proper eating habits in the process of lose weight, greedy women also can easily control the excessive appetite, both meet the delicious food, to ensure a healthy body can unknowingly have to lean down. You the "Xiangshou" process immediately from changing the eating habits of three meals a day and snacks.
To develop the habit of eating breakfast. Do not eat breakfast, lunch, easy to eat too much (most people see these words will feel good control, does not have this problem, the result is to continue to gain weight).
A high-fiber carbohydrates the (cup oatmeal, high-fiber grains, or a tennis ball-sized potatoes, a vegetable buns, etc.), a protein (soy milk, the best, you can buy Soymilk produce their own best with black beans, kidney and blood, and can choose, in addition to a soft-boiled eggs or a cup of low-fat milk), fruit (apples, bananas, etc.) and fresh vegetables (random weight, feel starving eat a lot of vegetables). Note: an empty stomach before breakfast the best one love is still the United States, is used to regulate gastrointestinal absorption, helping to break down the calories, not medicine, health food to lose weight must lose weight have a significant role in promoting.
This week began to control the quality and quantity of the lunch, do not always eat greasy food, is also a high-fiber carbohydrate, a protein, a fruit and fresh vegetables.
Understand the ingredients of the food you eat greasy unhealthy (but the problem is usually very tasty) food is not not eat, but absolutely can not eat (every day to eat greasy have to lose weight to be healthy, it is wishful thinking), the next day eat just once (amount to be controlled), can be twice a week or less.
Is there a mistake? Snacking to lose weight? Yes, the snacks you can eat, but not be more than twice a day and (friends eat inertia snacks skip them entirely, it is very painful, and many friends often give up), began to learn to control the amount of snacks (a chocolate beans, nuts ) and the number of times, and gradually develop the habit of thinking: I really want to eat it? Then a drink of water patience in ten minutes, or if you want to eat eat! Ha ha!
The day can still eat two snacks, so this process is very easy.
Progressive So for four weeks, you can easily get rid of the past, poor eating habits, more and more slim figure on the occasion, more and more healthy body. This diet a few years ago, "Reader's Digest" published over many successful witness, and these witnesses are enjoying this process (of course, do not go on a diet and you can eat your favorite food thing), but also understand the value of their diet, concerned about their health, as a bit witness described: "fantastic and I can eat my favorite chocolate, but my body slim!
This is a permanent long-term weight-loss diet, although the effect did not the general diet pills, liposuction is faster, but it is very safe, even in the absence of weight-loss should also develop such a diet. And the biggest advantages of this weight loss method is:
1. Need not hungry, three meals a day are not only lose weight but also in accordance with the way of a healthy diet, health.
Can set their own recipes, hard recipes (recipes of the others may not aggregate their own taste to choose do not need to follow the others, it may not be convenient). You always impossible in order to lose weight lifetime eating cucumber eggs? Do not eat and rebound in the final is not in vain?
Can also snacking, Oh!
Again successfully reduce weight, you can the proportion of food changed back: 2/5 of carbohydrates, vegetables 2/5 and 1/5 of the protein, this is the most healthy, balanced proportions, but enough to help you continue maintain a slim figure, if you do not care to eat more, found that the proportion of like a little fat, and then adjusted weight loss.

Love food, weight loss methods, greedy, and love of food to lose weight

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