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What is the low-GI foods

What is the low-GI foods

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See a food advertisement recently mentioned that the product is a low-GI foods. Will GI What is it? Let us work together to explore this problem.

What is a GI?

The GI that Glycemic Index, Chinese for "glycemic index" is an indicator of the carbohydrates in the food. The GI The index is a 1-100 index; First, we must understand that when we eat food, carbohydrates will turn blood sugar, which causes the body to secrete insulin, this will slow down the breakdown of fat.

In fact, the low-GI foods means the index is less than 55 food, our bodies absorb the carbohydrates in these foods will be relatively slow, so our blood sugar levels will not be a sudden surge in insulin secretion will slow, we body more time to break down fat.

So, eat low GI foods for weight loss is a great help.

Those low-GI foods?

Of course, we want to know the low glycemic index of food, before they can make appropriate choices. Here are some of the common low-GI foods:

Oatmeal, corn, whole wheat bread, apples, buckwheat noodles, sweet potatoes, oranges, carrots, beans and so on.

Bear in mind that starting from today, choose low-GI foods, so you quickly can lose weight successfully!

Tags: low GI foods, weight loss, weight-loss, fat, blood sugar

Eating low GI foods also need to look at the amount

Previously talked about what is a low-GI foods are slimming it is natural to choose low GI foods; However, we must also pay attention to the weight of the food.

For example, red rice has a low GI value than white rice, but if you usually eat a bowl of rice, red rice, but you eat three bowls, eating low GI foods is useless, because when you eat too much.

We are also into the required cooking method, note do not eat fried food.

We need to bear in mind is that the Diet Menus must also pay attention to the type of food, quantity of food, and cooking methods.

 low GI foods, weight loss, weight-loss, fat, blood sugar, weight loss, Diet Menus

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