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Milk weight loss methods

Milk diet, weight loss methods, soy milk diet, soy milk

Good diet, soy milk and a lot of beautiful women all know, but do not know how to drink here to of Members Xiangshou girls to recommend the three kinds efficient milk diet method.

1, pure milk diet

a. daily breakfast drink two bowls of soy milk + a snack (fritters except);
before going to sleep at night, drink a bowl of milk, dinner mainly light vegetarian (recommended nine Vegetarian).

Recommended: nine vegetarian, nine kinds of lipid-lowering bowel efficacy of food, including corn, oats, onion and garlic, yams, sweet potatoes, celery, red dates, hawthorn, apple.

Nutrition Tips:
The corn low heat, 100G only 91KCAL, a corn (the kind sold in the ordinary supermarket Northeast corn) about 150g, bigger probably 200g, edible part to the fresh corn kernels 106 card / 100g, a corn so slightly to 200 cards so that girls can be assured bold edible.

Corn containing rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E and carotene, is also rich in fiber. Vegetables in corn can reduce cholesterol and soften blood vessels, the role of adjuvant therapy for cholecystitis, gallstones and diabetes.

The sweet potato is recognized intestinal scavenger, have a stronger lower blood cholesterol, maintain the acid-base balance in the blood, anti-aging and anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect. Sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber and glial type to defecation substances, can ease the girls to lose weight often encountered the problem of constipation.

Celery is also called "drug in the kitchen," medicine celery, according to modern pharmacological research, celery with lowering blood pressure, lipid-lowering effect, contains more dietary fiber, calories to lose weight food oh.

Apple has the efficacy of anti-cancer, anti-aging, family regarded by many beauty weight loss beauty clergyman, the various the apple diet meals, Apple Beauty meal, and even Apple Fresh off method are girls frequently used way to lose weight.

Note: for two weeks, you will find yourself more than a small No. 1 Oh

2, soy milk diet

Breakfast: a bottle of soy milk or punch a bag of sugar-free soy milk + fruit
Lunch: 1 bowl of rice + fish +1 bottle of soy milk
Dinner: 1 servings of vegetables + 1 bottle of soy milk + a fruit
This method insist on 10 days, the weight naturally alleviate several pounds.

Tip: a day in addition to drinking soy milk, boiled water as usual drink.

3 milk + cucumber diet

South Korea's cosmetic technology tricks, body weight, and more trick. Currently, Korean students girls the most commonly used one of the methods have soy milk + cucumber diet, the effect is also very good.

However, to to remind you Xiangshou girls, little emblem to be wronged yourself!, Daily breakfast and dinner only a bowl of milk and a few cucumber staple food, lunch, according to their own habits unchanged, but the diet should be light, you can eat tofu, vegetables, etc., avoid greasy food.

Remember it: we must insist on more than one week before there are results Oh!

Milk diet, weight loss methods, soy milk diet, soy milk

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