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2012年8月26日 星期日

Chinese and Western ways to lose weight

Way to lose weight, lose weight, Chinese and Western medicine to lose weight Lin Jiayu, integration of Chinese and Western medicine weight loss clinic, is usually the initial conditions prescribe the patient to a week to the hospital again, will be viewed by a dietician weight loss diet and guidance dieters choose food, and rehabilitation general practitioner, for weight loss by the situation, the design of different sports, weight loss slim down but also to keep the muscles will not lose weight and lower basal metabolic rate, the future will be more and more fat dressing can also use the magnet Auricular the paste, acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, embedding disposal, so that weight loss does not stagnation. Lin Jiayu with Chinese herbal weight loss can reduce the absorption of cholesterol, and promote fat metabolism and elimination. But the focus must doctor's advice to take medicine on time. Innervation due to pinna fans go rich and corresponding organs make hyperthyroidism gastrointestinal function, regulating hunger and satiety center of the hub, suppress appetite, Auricular Sticking points include the stomach, spleen, Shenmen, sympathetic hunger point. EA stimulation can cause loss of appetite, reduce food intake, the amendment "energy intake is greater than energy consumption" deviation, and promote energy metabolism capacity, strengthen the role of the consumption of the body fat Gather Acupuncture can reverse obese patients with abnormal glucose and lipid metabolism, and the nervous, endocrine system adjustment, promote fat accelerating decomposition, improve the patient's body water and salt metabolism disorders. As well as the reversal of the role of leptin, insulin resistance, but to remind: acupuncture weight loss is not laziness, do 2-3 times a week courses, not less, if the time, once a day is better. Body acupoint Zusanli Shangjuxu Sanyinjiao, Hong Leong such as location-based, abdominal acupuncture points and at the abdominal Tianshu, a large cross, moisture, etc.. Way to lose weight, lose weight, Chinese and Western medicine to lose weight

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