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2012年7月23日 星期一

the most important thing of lose weight is

the most important thing of lose weight 

Waist circumference is a more appropriate body fat evaluation index, abdominal obesity is more dangerous than general obesity

Recently, Suzhou University School of Medicine after five years, concluded on the basis of large sample studies: Waist not be controlled, even if the body mass index control, hypertension and other risk will increase significantly. Waist circumference may be a more appropriate body fat evaluation. Therefore, weight loss is not only to reduce weight, abdominal obesity than whole body obesity is more susceptible to hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.

Body fat is associated with obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular disease risk factors, body mass index (BMI) does not accurately reflect the distribution of body fat, waist circumference is a more appropriate measure. Abdominal visceral fat content have a stronger association with hypertension, waist circumference is the measure of the indicators of fat in the abdominal accumulation extent.

In April 2005, the International Diabetes Federation, pointed out that in the global unified definition of the metabolic syndrome, waist circumference as central obesity diagnostic criteria: U.S. men> 102cm, women> 88cm; European men and> 94cm, women> 80cm; male > 85cm, women> 80cm; Chinese and Southeast Asian men and> 90cm, women> 8Ocm. China Obesity Task Group defines the criteria for the Chinese population, men, waist circumference ≧ 85cm, female waist circumference> = 80cm for abdominal obesity.

Abdominal obesity

Body fat hazards

Simple anthropometric indexes to predict obesity-related cardiovascular disease risk, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and other common chronic diseases can play early detection, the positive role of early prevention, BMI (weight / height 2) and waist circumference are indexes for the assessment of obesity, simple body measurements. However, people tend to use BMI to measure the degree of obesity, which ignored the instructions of the waist increase the health risks. Suzhou University School of Medicine recently found in the study of BMI to determine the index of general obesity and abdominal obesity, waist circumference to determine the index's role in the disease process is not the same, including abdominal obesity suffering from complications much greater risk than general obesity, which they raise blood pressure and diabetes complication rates have been confirmed.

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