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2012年7月23日 星期一

The most delicious weight loss in the history

The most delicious  weight loss in the history
Ultra-practical content + super tasty juice recipes, complete and open to the public!

You know that "milk" and what fruits and vegetables, juice, delicious best match?
You know what fruits and vegetables juice in the summer, can improve efficiency to lose weight, while both the sun whitening effect?
Constipation, hyperacidity, no appetite, you know that can drink vegetable juice can add energy to start the self-healing powers?
Women hate to become dry Sister, you know what ingredients juice, you can reach the skin highly effective moisturizer do?
Want to completely eliminate the fat in winter, you know what to buy those fruits and vegetables juice is most effective?
Do you know the juice of cabbage, lettuce and other vegetables with which the ingredients, you can remove the bitterness and astringency?
Everyone is afraid of the cold winter, you know to purchase those winter ingredients juice, you can reach a warm body, improve the effectiveness of the temperature?
"Hey ... how fat!" Pressure, you know drink vegetable juice can be relieving stress, and reach the fat burning effect?

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