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Cheese way to lose weight


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Cheese weight loss and health principle
The cheese is rich in healthy ingredients, and high in protein, easily absorb. But definitely not cheese instead of dinner. The most direct absorption of lactic acid bacteria food choice for cheese, cheese by lactic acid bacteria added to the milk fermentation plus lactic acid containing protein, vitamins and calcium, lactic acid bacteria can make these nutrients more easily digested and absorbed, can be said to complement each other. Cheese is milk pasteurized and then cooled by adding lactic acid bacteria fermentation. Milk contains rich protein, B vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus, cheese together have, plus the role of lactic acid bacteria and intestinal bacteria, can produce more vitamin B complex.

Cheese containing lactic acid bacteria, intestinal very beneficial, and can help defecation and intestinal motility, detoxification helpful beauty of great help. Lactic acid bacteria can increase the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, to make the hazardous substances excreted promote defecation.
Low-fat cheese for slimming helpful.
3. Cheese can relieve the women vaginal infections and enhance the body's immune system.
Directly cheese coated in the surface can whitening to the bags under the eyes, making the mask and papaya with cheese mixed, can have a whitening effect
5 live lactic acid bacteria flu prevention
 According to a recent study conducted by the Swedish scientist, drinking active bacteria (probiotics) drinks a day can really enhance human immunity, reduce the risk of colds.
Cheese can get rid of a woman's vagina disease cheese containing lactic acid bacteria to improve intestinal health, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation; may also inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in the intestines, reduce toxins in the prevention of colon cancer, and may strengthen the immune system .

Cheese diet meals
Diet Menus Here are cheese-lunch diet Menus:
Breakfast: business as usual
Lunch: cheese and a glass of plain
Afternoon Tea: cracker a hot lemon tea (note that less sugar) cup
Dinner: blanch vegetables (to eat so far) and light blanch white meat dish., Lunch eat a cup of cheese is too little for you, you can eat one to three soda crackers, poppy piece.

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