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Banana diet method


Banana, banana diet, weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss principles, banana banana diet meals popular way to lose weight

Banana diet principle
Banana is quite effective for weight loss, because it is low calorie and rich in dietary fiber content. Banana contains almost all the vitamins, and minerals from bananas, can be easily ingested, a variety of nutrients. One banana contains a lot of potassium and magnesium. Potassium to prevent a rise in blood pressure, and muscle cramps; magnesium has to eliminate the effects of fatigue. Banana digestion, absorption is quite good, from children to the elderly can eat in peace, and supply balanced nutrition. Banana breakfast diet food. Busy life, health food, or supplements, to supplement the diet is not balanced, more and more.

Banana diet truth
Bananas and cheese for breakfast quite satisfy the principle of health. In fact, the flavor of cheese is not too low-fat, should be the first choice of low-fat or skim cheese, because in addition to lower fat and cholesterol, protein and calcium content of low-fat and skim cheese with the full-fat cheese.

Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada - banana diet: weight loss of 12 kg
Japan "TBS" television also broadcast a special program, please go to the singer Sen public Fumiko their own experiences, hear her, causing banana Hot breakfast banana diet "weight loss of 7 kg; even Fukada also managed to lose 12 kg this method, The banana has become Japan's most hot fruit.

Breakfast Banana ways to lose weight
Get up early every day to eat a banana, drink a large glass of water, ban the mouth longer eat midnight snack, three months lost 12 kg, amazed by her stylist.

Banana diet method - banana salad
The banana cut into small pieces, then mix with salad dressing, then into the refrigerator inside the cold storage for a while, almost effortlessly a savory sweet banana dishes to get! If you think that the only bananas too monotonous, then recapture some apples, fruit like pineapple, all depending on their own side of the material may be.

Banana diet method - banana oatmeal
This is an absolutely healthy staple Oh, and doing it very convenient. First add enough water to oatmeal cooked, then cut into small pieces of banana into them, add some of wolfberry, and then with a slow fire to cook for five or six minutes on it. Milk and cook more delicious!

Banana diet method - Ice yogurt banana
The protagonist, or bananas with yogurt, but different, wipe the yogurt in banana, impeccably thicker then the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, out of the three or four hours later, a yogurt banana ice cream pop up.

Banana diet - bananas slimming meals
Banana diet - the dates banana yogurt diet
Each water of less too fat must have the same feeling, the hardest thing is uncontrollable mouth to lose weight. Right now. Surprise to look at as you prepare jujube favorite banana plus yogurt diet!

1, the first thing every morning to open the dispenser cup of warm salt water (cool summer drink), salt water can be bowel.
2, then fasting to eat twelve dates. This way of eating can prevent hair loss, red dates can also be beauty laxative.
3, and then eat a banana. Bananas also laxative, weight loss also attaches great importance to the bowel, laxative, In fact, many weight loss products such as: seal of like drinking will have to run to the toilet. This shows that: the basic point is that weight loss smooth
Breakfast milk must drink. Do not have to deliberately pursue skim point heat does not cause weight gain. After a 30-year-old woman should pay attention to calcium. Did you know? Body calcium deficiency can lead to nutritional imbalance, leading to endocrine disorders, lead to weight gain, acne.

Banana Diet - Banana honey dip to lose weight fast
Bananas are rich in dietary fiber, can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility and help excretion. If you eat nothing, only bananas honey dip, calorie meals than, naturally slim. However, rapid weight loss, the body often produce adverse reactions did not do a good job of adaptation. If the long-term by the bananas for a living, lack of protein, minerals and other nutrients the body slowly your body will issue hazard warnings.

Banana Diet - balsamic vinegar plus banana - slimming beauty
Material: time to do the one-day component "vinegar plus banana. Banana 6 (skinned), balsamic vinegar (in fact, ordinary vinegar OK), if able to do so, the best five plus a slice of lemon, put together can accommodate more than 1200 ml sealed container.
1 lemon washed, sliced;
Banana peeling, cut into 2 cm thickness of the piece, and put it in a container;
3, in order to avoid the banana contact with air, as quickly as vinegar into the container, the vinegar must flooded banana last banana capped with a slice of lemon;
4, twice daily to eat once bananas a component out drink a spoon vinegar (diluted with water), will be more pronounced effect
Banana diet - cheese banana thin meal
Claim: minus four to six pounds in three days
Theory: stomach, low in calories
The Menus Profile: a month only once up to three days, hungry can only drink water, cheese or blanch vegetables. And low-fat cheese to be elected or flavor.
Banana breakfast: a banana cheese glass of mineral water cup
Lunch banana: a banana cheese, two cups plus mineral water cup
Dinner banana: a banana cheese, two cups plus mineral water cup

Banana, banana diet, weight loss methods, weight loss, weight loss principles, banana banana diet meals popular way to lose weight

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