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2012年9月18日 星期二

Winter weight loss


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Winter is a season for weight loss, but also a lot of MM too lazy to exercise cause fat to breed. For this season, not slim down means that other results go up fat. So is particularly important to keep fit, and now teach you the recipe for the winter idle exercise weight loss, allows you to easily maintain a good figure.
1, friction stroked
Friction and heat to promote blood circulation, tapping these well-known to increase the elasticity of the skin, however rub pat and still lose weight. The principle is the friction and heat of the body fat rise fire, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.
Two hands or a soft, dry towel, the ankle sweep rub up to the thigh, and then continue upward, handedly wiping hip, hand rub belly. First the left, do it right.
2, mention rubbing method
Thumb and four fingers grasping mentioning the muscle, like kneading dough children, the muscles while pinch edges rubbing. Knead since the ankle up to hip waist. Alternating left and right, can also be right-hand man at the same time points on both sides. Last hands Nierou abdomen.
3, beat the law
Fingers close together, appropriate force, rhythmic tapping of the body. The order is also bottom-up. Avoid using palm solid shot to the body with concave palm slapping the palm of your hand in contact with the skin to form a hollow sound issue "pop!" WHACK!, Both to increase the vibration, without pain. The flapping action can strong muscles and skin elasticity.
4 walking method
Nordic walking people in a foreign country is very respected, the reason is very simple walking exercise intensity, but also operate simple. Correct upper body upright walking pace, and generally go 60-80 meters per minute. The intensity vary because of physical, generally appropriate sweating slightly. As long as we can see the three weeks the obvious weight loss.
Lose weight the timely replenishment after exercise to lose weight to play a supporting role. Moisture absorption helps the metabolism speed up and electrolytic balance after exercise should be the right amount of water, it is best to have minerals sports drinks; vitamin supplement will make people stay healthy, and vitamins can be in some extent accelerated fat burning.
5 Walking France
General Walking method: slow and medium speed walking, every 30-60 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Appropriate at this scenic place.
Fast walking method: walk 5-7 miles per hour, and each exercise 30-60 minutes. Walking control of heart rate below 120 beats per minute, this would boost morale.
6, stair climbing
According to the sports physician's determination, the people every climb 1 meter of calories consumed, the equivalent of walking 28 meters. It consumes energy meditation 10 times, 5 times when walking, running 1.8 times, 2 times swimming, table tennis 1.3 times, 1.4 times when playing tennis .
Ran up and down along the six floors of stairs 2-3 trip, the equivalent of 800-1500 meters plains jogging exercise. White-collar family, the sport is particularly suitable for the company to work daily as long as the commute can be completed, and does not require a lot of time.
Winter weight loss

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