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2012年9月18日 星期二

Way to lose weight in winter


Winter weight loss, weight loss, weight loss methods

Warm-up activities to be fully
Cold climate, live system protection weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments stretch and stretch muscles viscosity enhancement, decreased range of motion, coupled with the small air humidity, so people feel thirsty irritability, body stiff and difficult to stretch. If you do not do the warm-up activities, exercise, and often cause muscle strain and sprain. Winter fitness training, especially in the outdoor, the first to do a full warm-up activities, jogging, standing exercises, and a small amount of light equipment exercises, the body heat to sweating slightly, then plunge into the exercise.
The first day, when we get up to pound home and then pound, so that my understanding of the daily weight change. Understanding of their own body weight changes, before we can assess the effectiveness of their present weight loss method.

In addition, the winter will generally eat more than usual advance to prepare good healthy snacks, such as fruit and something with high dietary fiber, avoid potato chips and high-calorie food.

To a hot water bath immersion in cold winter weather, is also very good, and the hot water bath can stimulate the body's blood circulation, For Cellulite great help. But be careful soaking time not too long, and heart disease who are not suitable soaked in hot water bath.

The clothing thickness want suitable
Winter fitness movement, began to wear more clothes, wearing clothing should be light and soft, not too tight, warm-up, put off some thick clothes. Exercise, sweat more should sweat promptly wiped exchange for a sweat sportswear, footwear, while putting on his hat to prevent heat loss. Outdoor fitness exercise more to keep warm, exercise after body heat more, always wanted to cool off, but do not stand in the wind hair should return indoors and wiped away the sweat, put on dry net clothes. As the saying goes: "cold from the foot of the feet away from the heart of the people, the less blood supply, thin subcutaneous fat plus feet warm and winter outdoor fitness activities are particularly vulnerable to cold feet. If the head, back, feet cold, cold air invade the body from the fur and nose and mouth, not only affect the fitness training effect, but also cold sick. Some fitness enthusiasts usually prefer to wear gym shoes for the winter, this is not good. Shoes and heat quickly, easily catch cold feet do not exercise, and even lead to frostbite, arthritis and other diseases.

Winter weight loss, weight loss, weight loss methods


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