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2012年9月19日 星期三

Sugar moon cake to lose weight


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As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the golden moon cake worth hundreds of thousands of bird's nest shark fin moon cake also have beautifully ... is the Mid-Autumn Festival. According to legend, in ancient China, emperors have spring memorial day autumn festival ritual system.

Folk, the Mid-Autumn Festival every August, around worship the moon festival on customs. Aug. 15 months children round, the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake fragrant and sweet, the phrase name proverb tells the custom of Mid-Autumn Night urban and rural people eat moon cake. The moon cake was originally used to offering unto the offerings of Luna Later, people gradually Mooncake with the taste of moon cake, as the symbol of family reunion, slowly became the holiday gift moon cake.

With the moon cake has also been a change! What type of everything! Eat moon cake is also very particular, we want to eat healthy. I recently found a good moon cake! Either taste or the taste or the price! Is a very good choice!

That is the date of the Dole patisserie new low-sugar moon cake! Featured regimen of raw materials, combined with the fashion crowd loved the taste, not a fillings are selected healthy sugar alcohols made, not only to keep in shape can enjoy delicious, new unique crisp sense! The Mid-Autumn Festival, many of my friends will eat moon cake; Yes, this is our custom, Mid-Autumn Festival to eat moon cake is always like the lack of something like.

For friends are losing weight, moon cake may be one of their enemies! This is because the moon cake is sweet, it must have a lot of sugar; some sugar moon cake appeared, friends are thin, this may also be a good news!

But, in fact, we should not eat too much sugar moon cake. You know, the two enemies slimming sugar and fat. Sugar moon cake is indeed less sugar, but this does not mean that they are also low-fat.

Furthermore, Slimming friends, and when it is low in sugar, you will eat more. Although it is a low-sugar, but eating more tantamount to ingest more sugar, and eat a small amount of moon cake, nothing!
In fact, one year only once the Mid-Autumn Festival, eat a small amount of moon cake no problem, the most important, or to be used sparingly, can not eat too much; otherwise, regardless of whether sugar moon cake eating, or will it destroy your weight loss weight-loss plans!

Tags: diet moon cake, sugar moon cake, lose weight, weight loss methods

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