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2012年9月18日 星期二

TCM way to lose weight


Weight loss methods, weight loss, the Chinese diet
Various weight loss treatments are a combination of individual needs and formulated. Including the syndrome differentiation, unilateral, prescription medicine, qigong, acupuncture, ear acupuncture, Diet, and life counseling, etc.. Each Chinese medicine practitioners have their own pattern for them the flexibility to mix a variety of methods, regardless of what kind of mode, have a good weight loss.

Medical diet way to lose weight, this is summarized for the different physical characteristics than your blind weight loss to more.

1, edema

Features: favorite cool, heavy taste food; easily dry mouth secretions, lower body edema.

The edema obesity is the body of water can not be normal metabolism, caused by excessive water accumulation in the body, the cycle relative to an impediment formation obesity. Edema-fat crush eliminate edema, will be able to improve the problem of obesity. Fact bad is closely related to edema formation in stature and in vivo metabolism.

Prescription diet: try to keep the light taste of diet, excessive intake of water before going to bed.

Exercise Prescription: normal lymphatic system because the blood can not play the "Clear wastewater" function, which leads you build pudgy. Do more lymph stretching exercises will help rid the body of water siltation.

2, Qi stagnation

Features: Concerned depressed, bad mood, leading to gastrointestinal disorders, poor sleep quality, easy to commit physical problems.

Liver Qi stagnation fat crisis with mental or emotional, this type of fat crush usually have emotional instability, depressed mood or irritability and other emotional reactions. May occur indirectly affect gastrointestinal function, gluttony or anorexia status, the Body presents down unstable state.

Tonic prescription: can drink herbal tea to help soothe the nerves calm, help stabilize ataraxia.

Relaxation Herbal Tea

Material: lavender, linden leaf, chamomile

Practice: 2000c.c boiling water when the daily tea brewing. Lose weight

The role: with relieve tension, calm nerves, reduce fatigue, help sleep ... and other functions.

Life prescription: when was heavy pressure, can be timely to recruit people to talk to; holidays, often to the countryside to relax, let the scenery take away the hearts of irritability. Lose weight

3 Huowang type

Features: easy to hungry feeling, bad breath, taste, mouth break, the easy acne and constipation problem. Lose weight

Gastric Huowang easily lead to poor gastric motility, resulting in incomplete digestion, some system or poor habits cause poor gastrointestinal function, poor digestive function, a barrier to natural circulation and metabolism of the body, is caused by obesity worries one.

A tonic prescription: spicy, greasy foods and fruits are acidic and eat too much prone to stomach fire, so the diet should try to maintain a light taste, can take more heat Xiehuo Chinese medicine drink.

Qingxin herbal tea

Material: lotus leaf, hawthorn, Rhizoma Imperatae

Practice: 2000c.c boiling water boiled for about 15 minutes, when the day-to-day tea used.

Effects: for the symptoms caused by the stomach Huowang be improved.

Life prescription: stomach Huowang the causes are many, the vast majority are caused by eating too much food stimulation, stay up late, too much pressure, in addition to medication to improve this situation, the more important thing is to get rid of bad habits and customs

Weight loss methods, weight loss, the Chinese diet

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