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Autumn way to lose weight


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Autumn weight loss principles
The fall of most weight loss to the force downsizing principle. Weight loss also have principles to follow to comply with the weight loss principle, not afraid to lean not.

1 "1 +1" principle
Eat an apple for breakfast every day, drink a glass of milk, to eliminate an entire night of hunger, help the body rid itself of the residue, so that the body of energy.

Eat more green vegetables
Supplement rich in moisture and cellulose;, will have to try to reduce the consumption of meat products and fatty foods.

Develop healthy habits
From diet and habits, three meals a day must calculate the quantity and calories, can reduce food eating, but can not increase food intake. To control the heat within a certain range, and must not eat too much.

4 Do not eat between meals desserts
In addition to the three main meals, try not to eat between meals desserts. Increased consumption will increase caloric intake, and dessert sugar content than other foods will be caused by the accumulation of heat, and thus the formation of fat accumulation.

5 Shaochiduocan
As much as possible to develop such habits of small, frequent meals, after meals, do not immediately sit down, can walk for a walk, so that not only helps digestion, and can speed up the metabolism, increase the burning of fat legs, reducing the fat on the buttocks breeding opportunities. However, this approach should adhere to in order to bear fruit.

6 breakfast eating well
Morning: eat an egg and a bag of milk or soy milk. Supplement day nutrition, energetic, it is recommended to eat breakfast when about seven. Ten before breakfast drink a glass of water, eat a piece of fruit, increasing fiber intake, increase satiety to control appetite and effective weight loss results.

7 healthy diet is very important
After getting a cup of honey water before breakfast, breakfast according eat. After dinner and then a cup of tea, as a tea to replenish moisture. After lunch, you can drink Pu'er tea to help digestion. 40 minutes after dinner to eat fruit or drink Pu'er tea. Pu'er tea is an effective weight loss health tea, it not 伤胃, taste sweet and delicious, suitable for rapid weight loss drink.

Drink more water
Drink plenty of water or aqueous solutions drinks can speed up the body's metabolism, eliminate toxins, not only to lose weight fast, but also effectively solve the problem of dry skin. Drink enough water, can help the body's metabolism and circulation. However, be careful, do not drink carbonated drinks-water, it will make the body to excessive intake of calories.

9 to do the right amount of indoor sports
Do not think that exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. Early autumn sun is still very sinister, if too many outdoor sports, is likely to cause serious bodily dehydration or heat stroke and unwell. Although it can effectively lose weight, but to do the right amount of indoor sports is a more sensible approach. Be able to speed up the fat burning achieve a slimming effect.

10 eat snacks
A lot of people like to eat ice cream, there are many other snacks. However, does not know is that these snacks, creating a body fat accumulation. Especially ice cream, is a high-calorie foods. Delicious low-fat yogurt instead of ice cream or other sweets is a very good weight-loss choice Oh!

Autumn, the weather is gradually cooler due to physiological reasons, the person's appetite will become good appetites, unknowingly fat. Especially those trying to lose weight, most likely to rebound this season weight.
Food to lose weight for fall should be rich the cellulose, Nuanwei, but also increases satiety, to provide high-quality protein food.

The autumn diet meals - pumpkin
Pumpkin sweet and warm, warm body, nourishing the vitality of the spleen and stomach, and lungs and diuretic, fall food both self-cultivation to lose weight, make pumpkin the salty rice or pumpkin porridge with shrimp, mushrooms, chicken, regular consumption. Banana Although the high calories, but fat is very low, and rich in potassium, stomachs and low-fat, can reduce the accumulation of fat in the lower body is the ideal food for weight loss when. Only if the fall is the season of fresh only fruit listed. Only the acid can speed up the metabolism and reduce lower body fat, and it contains rich calcium than other fruits, can reduce the salt content is lower body edema. Eggs - eggs, vitamin B2 help to remove the fat, in addition, it contains nicotine acid and vitamin B1 can remove the lower body fat.

The five diet points ︰ autumn must know to lose weight
1, three hours before going to bed is strictly prohibited to eat! Night eat sugar is completely converted to fat stranded inside the body, so dinner should be as early as possible to eat!
Dinner do not eat carbohydrates! Carbohydrates although one of the three major nutrient needed by the body, but eating too much but it is the root cause of obesity. Night free, breakfast carbohydrates to replenish their energy for brain activity. A reference content of carbohydrates in each meal ︰ sliced ​​bread ︰ about 28 grams; rice bowl ︰ about 55 g. Keep Existing eat! Although eating and drinking. But they can not eat too much, and every mouth to chew at least 30 times, issued to stimulate the brain signals of satiety.
4, each meal can not eat a single food! Ramen Bowl this single food, easy to eat quickly, and nutritional imbalance unfavorable to lose weight, need to be corrected. Lose weight need to eat more vegetables, in order to maintain the nutritional balance.
5, active in daily life on the move! Want to be subtracted in 2 weeks 3KG, exercise is essential, no special do sports anywhere activism on the move, burn calories is benevolent.
Lose weight, weight loss weight loss methods, fall, autumn weight loss principles, autumn diet meals


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