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2012年9月20日 星期四

fast weight loss exercise


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The onset of winter not intended for slimming career can put it lightly, because the body's metabolism slows down in winter, so, if you do not grasp that increasing physical activity in the winter, you easily will accumulate a lot of fat, to spring time to think less will become very difficult.
"First stage" of time: the campaign began to 15 minutes (first 15 minutes) water features: water consumption (edema harm you)

Do not know we have not found, actually not just sports sweating? But after about 10 minutes later, they began Kuangpen fierce flow (somewhat evil), fragrant perspiration dripping (a little A), which is the body has begun to consume water signs. "Sodium intake too much (please refer to what is" balls life? The edema caused this) as a result of edema, or drinking too much water before going to bed, can be discharged movement pattern metabolic, stunning ( know to look in the mirror face was thin, self-confidence back to you). So, as long as control the movement time (to avoid dehydration becomes dry), edema naturally away from you ~ ~

PS Some edema is caused because of drug or disease, movement (but can still lose weight!), Looking for a doctor for a professional diagnosis and treatment may not be able to exclude Oh!

"Second stage" of time: 15 minutes to 30 minutes (after 15 minutes): carbohydrate (harm you fat starch)

After just 15 minutes, you start to feel the body is a little tight (water discharged in succession), then heartbeat will speed up slowly, his face ruddy, wheezing again and again (how a bit like romantic novels ...), 15 minutes consume so starchy you fat if you do not it is wiped out, it will also turn to fat accumulation, not in addition to non-ah ~ ~

"Third stage time: 30 minutes to 40 minutes (10 minutes): consumption of fat (oil harm you become fat)

10 minutes of continuous skipping

Effectiveness: 10 minutes of continuous jumping rope can consume more than 100 calories, while exercise leg and arm muscles. Skipping the sport but also to make our actions more agile, better coordination of various parts of the body. This requires three times a week to practice.

See here, there should be many people Yankuangshirun, nose an acid, to blame the hero (heroine) tears shed, hearts shouted: "his x milk x egg! Original mistake!" the! This is why you prior to movement to the death of no use, because most people have sports after 30 minutes (the second phase is completed), whole body sweating does not say, have long been identified "since" in mind, so boldly on the rest. In fact, the body simply has not yet begun to consume people the most hateful killer fatter - "fat"!

Following rapid weight loss exercise can help you lose weight faster, for example, most of the outdoor activities, such as outings, hiking is a very good exercise to lose weight. In addition, brisk walking is better to lose weight fast movement which, because of brisk walking can protect the knee, but can consume a lot of calories.

Cycling is good exercise to lose weight while you can view the surrounding scenery, but also to relax, and also very good for the physical, mental and health. Also, put the kite are good sports, but also can improve blood circulation, but also can eliminate eye fatigue, and can lose weight and can relax, kill two birds with one stone.

To lose weight, exercise more. Seize some tips to accelerate fat burning exercise to lose weight.

1,30 to 45 minutes

Usually aerobic exercise, target heart remains in about 60% of the maximal heart rate, for more than 30 minutes, the body fat will be mobilized to provide energy for the body fat can record up to a total consumption 85% into the best weight loss phase.

Movement is more than 45 minutes after the consumption of fat and starts to decrease. Experts recommend weight loss during aerobic exercise to low intensity, time 30 to 45 minutes.

Exercise intensity is too large, the proportion of fat consumption but correspondingly reduced. When close to the maximum intensity exercise, only 15% of the proportion of fat for energy.

2, interval exercises

Motion decomposition, 30 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, relax, when you slow down, the body still continue in a state of excitement, energy consumption in order restitution, continue to maintain a high rate of fat burning. Because there are twice after burning, the effect of the heart to be activities with 30 minutes of the whole movement, and consume more fat, metabolism is pushed to the extreme.

3, fast and strong

Exercise time is short, the speed very quickly, so that the heart rate fast standard period of time. The heart with each contraction, there is enough time to rest, which will help the heart work better. Regularly due to muscle contraction and relaxation, venous reflux accelerated coronary artery of supply to the heart itself, nutrition, make the heart more nutrition.

The self-test: In order to achieve optimum results within the limited time, the speed of at least should be higher than the usual 10% faster. With a heart rate monitor, the intensity is always maintained at 60-80% of the maximum heartbeat.

4, the start of a new button

Every four weeks, changing the inclination of the speed, resistance and instrument. If a soft spot for the treadmill, it is recommended to frequently change the tilt, rather than speed, because the speed will reduce the pace of big step calories consumed.

Changing the direction of the treadmill, for example, run backwards, reducing fatigue, maximizing the energy consumption effect.

Tips: Use equipment, as little as possible with the armrest, which consume 10% more calories.

5, the weight-bearing

Walking on a treadmill, give two slightly lighter dumbbells the full activity biceps, pressure shoulder, stretching the triceps. Supplemented with 3-pound dumbbells, increase fat burning rate by 5-15%.

6 cycles

Practice in the eight kinds of power equipment, uninterrupted. Focus on the hips, waist and legs. These training needs to consume more oxygen, which can effectively increase the heart rate and burn more calories.

7, alternating up and down

In order to burn more calories, alternating upper body movements and lower body movements.

8, using the optimal time period of burning fat

6:00-9:00 am (breakfast from a 30-minute jog, or walk 30 minutes to work exercise intensity is not too much, otherwise the real day has not yet begun, tired of lying.)

2:00-6:00 pm (If you're going to the gym, we chose this time to speed up the metabolism, the same amount of exercise, every hour burn more calories)

6:00-9:00 pm (30 minutes of aerobic exercise, rest for an hour after dinner, do not drag it before going to sleep, the otherwise excited state will affect the quality of your sleep.) Want you off the fleshy faster some, then to seize these methods!

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