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Juice weight loss methods


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As long as the juice is the material fully prepared, tomorrow will be able to start breakfast drink juice life. The following description of the breakfast juice weight loss program, anyone can persevere.
Breakfast, drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice rich in enzymes

Get up in the morning, drink a glass of room temperature water and fresh fruit or vegetable juice into the juice. Skin feel rough, sallow or not feeling well, it is recommended to drink carrot juice nutritionally balanced. If you drink a glass of fruit juice will be hungry, you can drink a few glasses, until satiety far. Also, If you want to eat, eat a brown rice balls. However, if you eat first group to drink fruit juice, fructose fermentation in the stomach, remember dined group to wait 20-30 minutes before drinking juice. Busy in the morning, can be replaced with fruit juices, can also have the same effect.

Lunch, eat food like it!
Lunch can be assured to eat something they like. But have to remind myself to eat the speed is not too fast, do not eat too much, eat slowly and savor cuisine. Noon digestive enzymes work time, lunch a little more, can inhibit the dinner food intake, make arrangements to three meals a day appetite. Avoid high fat intake. High-protein dishes or use bad oil cooking dishes. After dinner, trying to sleep, you eat too much. Body enzymes are used to digest enzymes for metabolism, weakening the body's vital energy, and will want to sleep.
Afternoon, hungry snack OK!

Work in the afternoon if you feel hungry, but also daily snack. Just select blood glucose levels rise speed slow, easy satiety, nuts or a small amount of black chocolate. Dried fruit persimmon dry, dry matter and other natural food the best. Polysaccharide or greasy donuts, cakes, honey cakes, plus a lot of sugar gong burn, fried snacks are people aging or fat food, it is best to keep a respectful distance.
Dinner, 7 to 10:00 diet principle difference

"Dinner too late to eat" and "eating too much" is the biggest reason to lead to obesity. Even if your breakfast drink juice, late dinner, and will not have any weight loss. 20:00, physical condition into the absorption and metabolism "time to greet the new day coming. The best practice is finished eating before 20:00. Remember that control appetite, eight full best.

If forced to eat after 20:00, please select easily digestible food. Replaced with different side dishes can ingest food enzymes raw food (salad or raw fish, etc.) or the activated enzyme force fermented foods (kimchi or natto, etc.), the effect is even better. Dinner after 21:00, it is best to increase the amount of raw food dishes, and for half a bowl of rice reduction. Vegetable soup or salad, the best drink after 10:00 after dining. Due to eat when you eat too much, and other food digestion, the stomach is not so full and then go to bed, it will not let the body burden.

0:00 to sleep, allowing the body to repair
Please develop a habit of sleeping later than 0:00. 20:00 to 4:00 is the physiological repair time. When we sleep, the internal organs still continue to work, metabolism, and prepare for tomorrow. In order to prevent the energy for other things, the rest as soon as possible is very important. It is said that the quality of sleep allows the body enzyme amount, thereby improving physical fitness, so do not stay up late.

Juice mixed drink for 15 strokes
Tomatoes + celery + lemon juice = weight loss.
Oranges + carrots = beauty Chuban, reduce the cholesterol. Note: It is best to separate the juice and then drink.
The Kiwi + apple + mint leaves = nursed back to health the skin, moisturizing, whitening, reducing wrinkles. >> Vegetables in kiwi lose weight.
Papaya + honey + orange juice = suitable physical, indigestion, constipation, gastrointestinal weak references.
Celery + Carrot + Apple = prevention and stabilization of high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. Note: It is best to separate the juice and then drink.
Lotus root + Watermelon = prevent the glossopharyngeal dry, thirst, dry cough, dry skin, dry hair, constipation and other symptoms.
Of celery + honey = Qingrejiedu, Liver Yin and lowering blood pressure.
Cucumber + lemon + orange + carrot + honey = beauty, can make the skin soft and smooth. Note: cucumber, carrots are rich in vitamin c biochemical enzymes, it should be the last to join.

5 companion of vegetable juice
1, cool white open (or pure water). Some fruits and vegetables easily juicer, but for less water, carrots, apples, and I am afraid we must add water-assisted juicer. For children with weak absorptive capacity, too strong fruit and vegetable juices also need to be diluted with water to drink.
Honey: Some fruits and vegetables nutritional value is very high, but not necessarily palatable, such as celery, carrots, and this time you can add honey to adjust the taste of a honey is nutritious beauty to share, and two, it will not be like sugar as people gain weight.
3, ice: the ice fruit and vegetable juices taste delicious, taste better. > Lose weight for what to eat fruit
4, lemon juice: in addition to adjust the taste, the lemon juice, the most important function is to keep the vegetable juice oxidation discoloration.
5 mint leaves: This refreshing Wizard is the close companion of the fruit and vegetable juice, a few mint leaves to put in any combination, both Tim taste, added a sense of beauty.

Juice weight loss methods

Known as the "beauty," said Rosamund Kwan not only glossy skin, and body Ana scene. Her slimming Road: eat more vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium supplements, drink freshly squeezed juice from time to time.
Sandy: vegetarian slow weight loss
Popular of all the singers, Sandy, although when the mother, but the figure is still aliasing, what shot it? Because she is a vegetarian. Vegetarian benefits a lot, not only can lean, you can also completely change the constitution, and it gets the skin can also be changed for the better. So about 7 months lost 5 kg. Have enough patience, but this slow weight loss method absolutely comfortable than rapid weight loss, healthy vegetarian diet.

Small days after the singer Jolin is not fat, even and generally girls than slim, but long a round face on camera at a disadvantage, so Jolin Tsai to rely on to lose weight eating fruit and whole wheat crackers, literally from just the debut of more than 40 kg reduced to 38 kg, is almost a little girl's body weight, weight loss success, Jolin Tsai in order to maintain, no matter how hard or eat only these two things.

Hidefumi success from Xiao Panmei become skinny beauty for many years are in a state of hunger in order to dress nice and foreground image, like a rehearsal, usually from morning till night, a day off, she was as long as a salad enough, therefore, Sammi Cheng hopes day improper artists, can indulge their appetites, eat some good.

To Hello color juice ─ ─ mango orange apple juice

Materials: ● mango 2 ● oranges half a ● Apple ● little honey


● three fruits practices: Wash, peel, cut, into the blender.

250cc of water.

● After using the right amount of honey can be eaten.

Mangoes, oranges, apples, three fruits are rich in vitamin C and fiber, can promote metabolism, purify our gut, so drink plenty of skin rosy water of tender, even better it also has a nice slimming effect.

Enhance immunity fresh fruit juice-kiwi pineapple apple juice

Who like sweet and sour taste This Road, juice is definitely join your taste, and in the summer without valid appetite, aid digestion appetizer. , So every drink, you can quickly defecation will, the body will feel very light.

Materials: ● kiwi 2 ● Pineapple half a ● Apple ● little honey


● washed, peeled and cut into pieces of three fruits into the blender.

250cc of water.

● After using the right amount of honey can be eaten.

Three fruits are rich in vitamin C and fiber, can help defecation, and gets rid of waste and toxins, detoxification effect beautifully, can effectively enhance the human immune system, drink natural skin and slimming.

Detox Cleanse ─ ─ tomato apple cabbage juice

In fact, the cabbage juice sweet and taste will not Sese high nutritional value of cabbage contains vitamin A, C, E and minerals, is very effective in promoting metabolic want to have supple skin and Transamerica good body, drink purification slimming juice go wrong.

Materials: ● tomatoes 2 ● 1 Apple ● 100 grams of cabbage ● little honey


● the tomatoes and apples washed, diced, cabbage washed into cubes, put together a vegetable juicer juice.

250cc of water.

● After using the right amount of honey can be eaten.

Cabbage is an alkaline food that contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, can help the body detox and laxative, purification physical effects.

Skin waist juice ─ ─ tomato celery and cucumber juice

This plus the fiber juice of vegetables, the taste will be a little astringent, because the relationship cucumber. Do not be so that you do not drink, oh, this is a good weight-loss fruit juice can accelerate the exclusion of the body of water; effect of thin waist, also soon be able to see. And to drink, the skin will naturally change.

Materials: ● tomatoes 1 ● U.S. celery 1 ● 2 cucumber ● little honey


● Wash the three materials, diced into a vegetable juicer.

250cc of water.

● After using the right amount of honey can be eaten.

Tomatoes and celery as to increase the alkalinity of our blood, plus vitamins and minerals, very useful to clear the body of toxins, cucumber, is particularly effective in the normalization of the function of the excretory system.

The white Body juice ─ ─ watermelon pineapple lemon juice

Materials: ● watermelon 200 g ● 100 grams of pineapple ● half a lemon


● Peel the watermelon and pineapple.

● First lemon juice and set aside.

● juicer, watermelon and pineapple juice, poured into the cup, and add lemon juice to.

Lemon already rich in vitamin C and citric acid, whitening slimming clergyman, watermelon is rich in vitamin C and lycopene, and phosphorus, calcium, sodium, fiber and moisture can diuretic drainage beneficial to lose weight and white skin. Pineapple vitamin E and C, as well as sodium, calcium, iron, manganese and coarse fiber, three fruits are beneficial whiten skin and weight loss.

A matte finish Slimming Apple Green Tea

This fruit tea, micro-ice drinking really good drink, both whitening matte finish to the skin and can Transamerica and weight loss, green tea, drink plenty of wholesome! Drink green tea every day can quickly weight-loss but also against free radicals and prevent aging, but also effective way to boost the immune system, so Hello, want to change the United States and lose weight, you must drink the Apple matte finish slimming green tea.

Materials: ● apple 1/2 ● lemon 1/2 ● little honey ● a green tea bag


● Wash the lemon juice stand, Apple Peel Xiaoding standby.

● hot water to brew green tea bags. Squeeze a good green tea before adding lemon juice into the apple, plus 2 spoons of honey, and finally add a little ice Stir to drink.

Slim and beauty fruits and vegetables salad

Materials: ● Fuji apples 1 ● 1 small cucumber, celery 1 ● white vinegar 1/2 tablespoon ● 1 tablespoon sugar ● salt 1 teaspoon olive oil 1 teaspoon ● Sesame little


● First Wash the apples, cut filaments, and then soaked in salt water, then cold water rinse, drain to the water, spare.

● Wash cucumber, cut long strips, celery, washed, cut into very fine shape, are spare.

● on materials, coupled with the seasoning mix can be. Finally, sprinkle with a little white sesame.

Apple's approach to salad, you can retain more vitamin C can make the skin supple; cucumber and celery fiber, plus the heat is not high, eat a satiety tall slim good salad. In fact, I really like to eat salad, sometimes used when a meal to eat, eat up very refreshing!

1. Every morning to drink vegetable juice a day of abundant energy
Continued daily breakfast drink juice, you will certainly be able to feel light-weight, weight loss. Drinking component is set in a cup (of about 200ml ~~ 300ml). Freshly squeezed juice is rich in dietary fiber, drink a glass of very satiety, long held as there will be unexpected slimming effect.
Freshly squeezed juice in addition to rich intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to the daily diet is difficult, it is a treasure trove of the protein, phytochemicals and other nutrients. Also necessary complement to the morning activities carbohydrate energy, clear-headed, but also activation of visceral functions.
Get up in the morning, drink a glass of water at room temperature to promote blood circulation, then squeezed juice, chew slowly drinking can improve digestive function. Beautiful day and the beginning of, natural nutritional juice to moisturize your body and mind!
2. According to preferences juice material rich in vegetables and fruits, vegetables, mainly to seasonal
You must get annoyed of the election what ingredients do? Basically fresh ingredients, choose your favorite material from fresh ingredients. When you buy, it is recommended to choose the necessary basic juice citrus, banana and other multi-nutritional ingredients enzyme-rich ingredients, and carrot.
Society of juice, busy, do not have to use blender juicer juice production methods can cope with the situation to choose the right juice drinking, make life easier breakfast juice.
3, to avoid the enzymes necrosis wastage juice must immediately drink
Freshly squeezed juice is the most luxurious freshness. Please take advantage of food nutrients not drink immediately before necrosis. Juice contains nutrients, some within minutes necrosis, tastes changed or discoloration appears separation phenomenon. Especially enzymes or vitamin C, is reduced as time elapses, and once the contact with air, the nutrients may be lost.
If not immediately after drinking the juice squeezed all the ingredients first cut, put into a blender, and other drink virgin, at least you can prevent the loss of nutrients. Also, pour some lemon juice, fruit juice or chopped ingredients incision, to avoid oxidation discoloration.
Juice drink endless, you can pour in the ice tray freezing, made of fruit juice ice cubes or a smoothie consumption is also very delicious.
4, do not let yourself under pressure is the key to sustained
When you implement a "breakfast juice diet, do not have any pressure. When you think to get up early, "trouble", "no time to get the time, please stop the plan. Once the pressure, will not be sustained. This is the time to eat as long as peeling will be able to eat the fruit, bananas or oranges. Can approximate the effect of drinking fruit juice.
If not empty buy ingredients, it is time to buy a week component of fruit, and try to pick a long shelf life of apples, citrus, kiwi fruit. Do not forget to buy a bunch of bananas. Then the magical thing occurs when all materials are fully prepared, you will naturally daily breakfast juice drink juice. I feel peel citrus peel is very troublesome, use commercially hundred percent pure juice instead. Although the nutritional value decreased slightly, but want to persevere "breakfast juice diet, do not pressure.

Lose weight, juice weight loss, weight loss methods

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