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Healthy diet to lose weight


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The principles of healthy eating
Angel Face like a vegetarian, but it will not be a vegetarian in order to keep fit. She studied at the University of Hong Kong TCM nutrition courses, nutrition, diet and very focused. A supplement, slimming soup, diet, and other methods. She provides some of the usual diet of natural weight-loss principle:

Breakfast to eat fruits and vegetables and fresh fruit juice.

Meat with starchy Do not eat the same meal. Vegetables with meat and vegetables with rice and vegetables with seafood and vegetables are the best combination with bread and 3:7 for the ratio of consumption into high moisture foods (fruits and vegetables), 3 into a concentrated food (meat or starch).

Recommend a meal to eat vegetables with meat, another meal to eat vegetables with starch, it is best to avoid meals to eat vegetables with meat.

Best to eat a meat meal, but you can eat several seafood. Four hours before going to bed without eating, to eat fruits and vegetables.

Week free to choose one or two days to the date of the whole dish, each meal eat only vegetables and freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Reduction in fat intake
Alone insist on eating low-fat or fat-free food can not make you successful weight loss. The key to healthy weight loss is your calorie intake to less than the calories you consume. Food with high fat content of meat, fried food, chicken, fish, less fat content. Reduce fat intake, eat less high-fat foods to reduce calorie intake to lose weight easily.

Do not drink high-calorie beverages
We now drink sugary drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, high-calorie drinks is the enemy of weight loss. As drinks contain calories unlike food, can not quickly give you a sense of satiety, and you will unknowingly drink intake more calories. So, in order to maintain your weight, it is best not to drink high-calorie beverages.
3 choose skim milk, a cup of coffee
The caffeine in coffee suppress appetite and accelerate the body metabolism. However, if you drink takeaway coffee, please choose skim milk. Because coffee is heat, especially when you go the coffee Riga cream, sugar, when. Choose low-fat milk can help you cut calories.

Do not reduce the excessive heat
Too low-calorie diet, is not an effective way to lose weight. If you suddenly lose excess calories from your diet, your body's basic metabolic rate will automatically slow down. Adult women in general at least a day if the intake of 1700 calories, so as to maintain the level of your metabolism, losing weight will be more effective.

Eat some breakfast
The breakfast is the meal most closely the relationship between metabolism and weight loss. In sleep, metabolic rate is very low, only to then eat to resume rising. So, if you ignore the breakfast, the body is not possible before lunch as usual to burn fat. Nutritionally balanced breakfast is the metabolism of the starter, is also essential tips to lose weight successfully.
6, eat more protein
Studies have shown that a sufficient amount of protein intake can improve the body's metabolism and make the body burn 150-200 kcal per day more than the heat. The broken down proteins need to burn more calories, allowing your satiety maintain longer effective to reduce your food intake.

Try to eat less sugar and snacks
The high sugar content food jams, drinks, and other snacks. Sugar-containing high-calorie, low nutritional value. Some snacks can be described as the enemy of weight loss, such as puffed food heat high, reducing the use of these foods are very helpful for weight loss.

Drink 2 cups of milk a day
Combined with the heat control, dairy-rich diet can increase nearly doubled to reduce fat, helps to prevent weight gain. Milk contains very rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, nutritional food every day, not missing. Adults drink 2-3 cups of milk a day can help lose weight.

Create barriers
If the snack in front of you, your appetite will increase as well. It should be appropriate to create some obstacles. Obstacles encountered when you want to eat more, the more likely you are to give up. Example, you store snacks away from home, then when you want to eat, can only go to the supermarket to buy, you might think the trouble and then give up the idea of ​​eating can reduce some unnecessary calories.

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