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2012年9月9日 星期日

Red wine ways to lose weight

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For the beauty of the women mentioned wine contribute to weight loss is certainly excited about it. You talk about wine and how to achieve weight loss. Red wine contains tannins can inhibit bacterial growth, and effective way to help digestion, it contains vitamins C, E and carotene, also have antioxidant effects, can prevent aging, to maintain the body's normal metabolism, so the body will not change with The passage of time and gradually bloated aliasing. It is said that every day before going to bed drink a glass, can let you easily subtract 5 pounds of meat, oh.
Yat Hong network coverage, to play the slimming effect of red wine, preferably at bedtime drink. Red wine contains a small amount of alcohol can sleep aid, more slowly increased body temperature, would have a slow metabolism the night also able to participate in the metabolism of fat burning, red wine grape polyphenols can relieve stress in the body effectively inhibit pressure of binge drinking gluttony.
Drinking the best eating other foods, not drinking on an empty stomach. Wine better than white wine. Note that the liquor contained in the heat, a liquor equivalent to 3 rice calories, beer and wine also contains other energy substances, and therefore need to pay particular attention to the impact of alcohol on body weight. Family members with drinking, the amount of control, may encourage a small drink, but avoids jail sentence. Working relations or friends gathering efforts do not drink not to drink, drink less not more drink, can drink low degree does not drink degrees, and as far as possible do not try to be brave, not a difficult one.

Weight loss methods, weight loss, red wine weight loss methods, red wine, red wine, lose weight

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