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2012年9月13日 星期四

Weight loss key

Weight loss, diet food, weight loss methods

Quit all junk food (fried sweet snacks and beverages), have to stand for half an hour after dinner.

Breakfast: every day must eat, provide a variety of proteins needed by the human body as well as to maintain the heat of the minimum human consumption, eat some raw mill sugar-free milk, remind soy milk egg can not both consumption.

The lunch: Moderate eat nutritionally balanced dishes, starchy staple omitted.

Dinner: eat cucumber, apple, some yogurt.

Choose one they like about sports: aerobic exercise, such as swimming, jogging, playing badminton, fitness, runaway! Be sure to select their favorite, so that it is easy to stick to it! Time each exercise should start in more than 40 minutes before the consumption of fat, just water consumed in 40 minutes before.

I'm in the studio after weight loss
Encounter a problem when small reminder to lose weight

Must insist that no increase in body weight in the plateau is progress. Do not give up, wary of overeating. The plateau everyone in the weight loss process, the body to maintain basal metabolic avoid complete consumption of energy consumption to a certain extent, when the energy in the body, the body will produce a protective inhibition. Has not been used in the process of losing weight too radical, or to the body to stimulate the body has to adapt to this stimulus will accelerate the arrival of the plateau. As long as the weight loss persist in the end, break through the plateau, the weight will continue to fall. However, entering the plateau, due to the relatively small body fat, the magnitude of the weight loss will be very small.

"Biggest regret" Answers to lose weight

Q: What are the things done in the weight loss process most regret? A: The thing I most regret is the body in performances Department, many students are taking diet pills, I could not help but also to eat for two days, then began to have side effects, chest tightness, rapid heart beat! We must remember that healthy weight loss and balanced nutrition!

Q: If you could go back a long time ago, you will be how to prevent obesity? A: I grew up fat, has been fat to 22 years old that summer! In college, every day to the house in the dormitory, not Hamburg, takeaway, or instant noodles, dormitories always piles of snacks. If you could go back, I must reject these junk food. Every day activities up!

Weight loss, diet food, weight loss methods

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