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2012年9月10日 星期一

3 slimming yoga


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Summer, hot weather, you will become Yuechuan Yue, in order to eliminate a summer heat. But there are a lot of MM but prefer to wear thick clothes, that a trace of cold lump buried live. So as not to round figure is exposed. But to do so in the summer, how hard things. Let edited to introduce 12-style yoga to lose weight, to escape from this life of toil, wear your favorite clothes, good to be a refreshing and confident woman!

3-slimming yoga Hello figure show up
Before doing yoga, we must first prepare a good five small objects:

1, comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, try not to wear tight underwear.

2 soft, bulky towels, not only warm, you can also use sitting meditation cushion.

Flat elastic yoga mat, it can protect your body, isolated on the cold floor.

4, a small bottle of water, boiled water or mineral water, and try not to have too much sugar in order to keep the water liquid supplement and metabolism.

5, ethereal, gentle yoga music, it is an essential part of yoga therapy.

Well, these things are ready, we started practicing yoga it!

The first type
The first one:

Basic stance standing, his hands clasped together in front of their chest. Breathing, his hands slowly move to the top of the head, chest, abdomen, natural breathing for 30 to 60 seconds, stretching the spine, head thrown back as far as possible. Exhale slowly straighten your upper body, hands clasped together in front of chest, bow to relax. Repeat this posture three times.

The type of good help in reducing belly Oh!

The second type
The second type:

1, bending the right leg, the soles of the feet against the inside of his left leg. Right leg in a chair to help maintain balance. Hands clasped together in front.

2, inhale, arms extended upward. Keep breathing. Exhale relax whereabouts.

Note: legs forces to the convergence and upward.

The formula for the ankle, toe, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and arm, and his hands are a good exercise, it makes the size of the body joints activities, through these activities, promote blood circulation of the joints, so that the joints of the human body is increasingly strengthening. The formula can also prevent women sagging breasts do every day can improve balance.

The third type
The third type:

1, the entire body is lying on the floor, knees, feet toward the upper two hands holding the ankles back at the left hand hooked left ankle, right hand hooked right ankle.

First inhale to prepare, inhale, shoulders, chest and legs at the same time elevation, the body arched upward, stopped for 10-16 seconds. Then exhale slowly, keep breathing balance.

, Try the chest and feet go down to elevation more left hand then let go, left foot hit the straight, and then relax the body, hands and feet down naturally, the back side of the left and right once.

This equation can promote cell activity of the adrenal, thyroid, pituitary and gonadal to make and normal secretion respective hormone. Its joints, spine, lungs, chest diseases mitigation efficacy. But can also alleviate the symptoms of menstrual disorders. It effectively massage the abdominal organs. Regular exercise, lean belly significant effect.
Weight loss, weight loss yoga, yoga, weight loss methods

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