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Water weight loss methods

Drink plenty of water, ways to lose weight, drink water to lose weight

First like to say that the reason why people fat, and in addition to the morbidly obese, the main reason is due to a long period of daily energy intake is greater than energy consumption, the cumulative result of not mince words, the same food intake to different people mouth, an obvious fat, a person on how to eat not fat This involves absorption rate, after all the energy into the body, there will be varying degrees of absorption, but today's topic is water, water is completely no heat water is definitely not fat

Strictly speaking, drink plenty of water will gain weight for only two reasons: First, the water you drink calories, for example, containing low-sugar drinks. Second, it may have problems with kidney or other organ drainage function, this obesity is water retention, rather than the increase in fat. Third, there may be after you drink the water, increasing the absorption rate of food, there are likely to drink plenty of water passing eat more snacks or desserts.

If it is to drink water fat That would be nice to solve eat diuretic fruits such as watermelon, green beans, you'll be lost, you fat because fat, rather than water, drink fat is also puffiness, which is easily by movement or sweat will be able to immediately drop back, but the fat is different, but it is to pay a certain price

Recently popular topic of "water weight", drink plenty of water in the end will not get fat? Drink plenty of water or can not lose weight? First of all, we all know, water is not heat, drink plenty of water should not get fat fishes, but we often hear some fat brother, fat girls self-mockery, said: "What will I eat fat, even drinking water is also fat!" Strict , the water will get fat only two reasons:

A drink of water and heat, for example, containing low-sugar drinks.

May people's kidneys or other organs drainage function problems such as liver is not good or bad for the heart, it may be because of drinking too much water weight gain. This obesity is moisture retention, rather than the increase in fat, as long as the use of diuretics can be resolved.

And drink plenty of water can not lose weight? Printing of rumors: the body's metabolism burns calories to produce water, if the intake of more than 5,000 cc of water a day, certainly comparable to normal people consume more than double the calories;, will also affect the normal food intake and satiety drinking occupy the space of the stomach will naturally eat less.

Modern man often because of work or school busy or inconvenient deliberately reduce drink plenty of water, avoid often go to the toilet, so often the intake of water is not enough problems. In fact, this deliberately to reduce the amount of water intake habits is very bad, in addition to heart disease and kidney disease due to illness factors must be restrictions on drinking water, the average person should drink plenty of water. But we know that drinking water is limited, rather than drink more and more healthy, such as weight loss and long-term to drink plenty of water every day, and within a month it will lead to water intoxication.

Water poisoning is to drink plenty of water to drink too much water, or a short period of time long-term, the body must discharge excess water through urine, contains important electrolytes in the water discharged, if the duration is too long, the body mainly sodium electrolyte will be diluted. Will appear early weakness, rapid heartbeat, dry mucous membranes, the skin loses its elasticity, and other symptoms, even when serious convulsions, unconsciousness and coma.

"Irrigation" stomach theoretically can temporarily produce satiety, hunger generation is not only from the stomach, and the level of blood glucose concentration as well as visual and olfactory stimulation also accounted for a lot of factors. Recommended that the friends you want to lose weight, about to drink 2000-2500 cc water daily, and occasionally drink plenty of the 500-1000 cc touches innocuous, but if you drink plenty of water as a means of weight loss is open to question, because by the time effectiveness appears often lose health.

Drink plenty of water also fat
Constellation weight loss secrets (4)

Libra weight loss secret

Appropriate to eat in order to reasonably thin

Personality obesity fate - Libra fat is also voluntary, you will interpersonal regarded as the highlight of life in a crowd, you have always served as coordinator, so you have many human dinner not refuse. Dinner is more than one, will inevitably eat into the excess food. Eclipse, but the personality is too good to speak, and do not want to offend people, just after lunch, because they get invitations to once again eat a meal. A friend sent indigenous neighbors baked biscuits. It's that conform to human eating a lot of food. Easygoing is the main reason you fat.

The accumulation of fat for a reason - Libra-dominated parts of the body at the waist and lower back. Your kidneys often metabolic disorders, the body will often appear to be swelling. You look fat because the body of water can not be effectively discharged in vitro, to avoid the deterioration of this situation, you have to control the salt intake. Consciously fat Libra, the best can be improved eating habits. Someone with "not even drink water will be fat," these words to form easy fat phenomenon. But this meat fat is not increased by fat, but a physical disorder, needs further nursed back to health. Recommend your sexual needs and day-to-day voiding the problem of drinking water, pay attention, and have good kidney, was not swollen.

Exclusive diet - you have to learn to say "no" to reduce unnecessary socializing to avoid eating too much of something. Diet experts recommend that before three in the afternoon, in the day, it is best to eat into the day eat 70% of calories, you have to fasting from nine at night. Proposed reforming habits, to socialize the food on the table in the stadium or gym, while listening to music while swinging aerobics, less angry you can burn fat effectively, both to achieve weight-loss purposes, more you have a good mood.

Scorpio weight loss secret

Lose weight specifically will have good results

The personalized decided the the obesity fate - the so-called "sex is" this sentence for Scorpio However. Love is Life also hate to heart because you love and hate the character trait. Such sentiments are reflected in the diet, so you pick something to eat, in particular, prefer heavy taste food. Because the taste is heavy, it is particularly easy appetizer, under appetites often eat into more heat than the eating. Scorpio the appetite one is provoked, but in order to meet, eat it, and get into it, do not eat to satisfaction, and will not let go.

The accumulation of fat for a reason - Scorpio by Ares and offerings of God, and by the domination of Mars and Pluto, personality has a the original fiery desire of Mars, and Pluto paranoid. Personality projection eat this matter, Scorpio interested in meat pole. Most of Scorpio is a meat eater, each meal should be meat will be refreshing. Dominant Scorpio parts of the body in the lower body, your urinary function is likely to have symptoms of cystitis. Hip Scorpio often than any other sign large on the 1st, and may not be fat, but the ass looks bulging remind inevitably reminiscent of the tumbler.

The exclusive diet - you are born with physical extraordinary, really obese, want to lose weight is not difficult. You recommend re senses, to the food, "color" to divert the attention of the heavy taste. Dishes to make five colors of red, yellow, green, black and white, even if you did not eat much appetite can be met by the visual. You may wish to run out of meal immediately brush your teeth, brush think about the idea to continue to eat, overcome easily emerge appetite. In addition to the general aerobic exercise, the hip movement can not only enhance sexual performance, abdominal contraction.

Drink plenty of water, ways to lose weight, drink water to lose weight

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