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Chinese medicine to lose weight

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Chinese diet is also necessary with the patterns of life on, in order to achieve the desired weight loss. First of all, is to control diet, low-calorie, low-sugar, low-fat foods to choose, should quit smoking and wine; snacks should try snacks. Chinese medicine to lose weight are generally herbs to help the body Cellulite, through a variety of traditional Chinese medicine therapy, to achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation to speed up metabolism. Make an effort by the constitution, the toxins from the body, reducing the accumulation of fat! But, of course, are looking for a professional Chinese medicine practitioners develop TCM diet for you, otherwise, you may lose weight fail, but the body been damage! Chinese diet heavy physical conditioning Chinese diet heavy physical conditioning to achieve weight loss, this is definitely a more healthy weight-loss method. TCM targeted for different physical lose weight, weight loss methods of traditional Chinese medicine will be different physical characteristics, different, so certainly looking for professional diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine practitioners, before they can take Chinese medicine to lose weight . The different physique all Chinese medicine also have different Some daily habits, such as stool frequency, will make the Chinese diet prescription, if a few days before the stool, that will guide the food the intestinal long time, excessive absorption caused by obesity. So, they want to join the traditional Chinese medicine to facilitate defecation. Therefore, the Chinese diet is necessary prescriptions before you can safely lose weight.

TCM Diet Menus Chinese medicine slimming diet safe Material ︰ 2 pounds of melon, lotus leaf one, Chixiaodou the 30 grams, 30 grams of lentils, 15 grams of wolfberry, lean meat, half a catty Method ︰ all the materials plus the 8 bowls of water soup drinking Efficacy ︰ dewetting diuresis, edema effect is particularly significant. Chinese medicine believes that obesity is generally because eating excessive, or because of the physical Deficiency, so the Chinese medicine slimming diet can help you lose weight fat, diuretic and laxative effect, is a healthy weight-loss TCM way to lose weight. Chinese medicine slimming method Chinese medicine methods to lose weight is a way to lose weight often Slimming Most TCM drugs to achieve weight loss results, such as weight loss tea hawthorn, bird plum cassia, licorice, etc., through the effects of the medicine reaches the diuretic and detoxifying effect. In addition to the drugs, method of Chinese medicine acupuncture needles acupoints to promote gastrointestinal motility, and suppress the appetite effect. Chinese medicine slimming method of self-cultivation oriented, through physical conditioning, coupled with a normal life, eating habits to lose weight purpose.

 Tags: Chinese medicine to lose weight lose weight, weight loss methods, weight-loss, weight-loss, slimming, slimming beauty, fat, food to lose weight

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