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2012年9月8日 星期六

One meal a day weight loss methods

One meal a day, weight loss methods, weight loss, more young secret, vitality gene

Japan 57-year-old more than 30-year-old young doctors secret, but doing it is really not so difficult
Author: Southern cloud Yoshinori - Japan Cosmetic Surgery Association
. 2012 Japanese the NO.1 health book! Clouds in the south Kyrgyzstan, the most popular physician witness Share!
He is now aged 57 years old, younger than 30 years old! And vascular age of only 26 years of age, bone age of 28 years, brain age of 38 years old!
. Satiation era, and avoid becoming Health Act 3 high populations, you must know!
Eating too much is the beginning of the disease! Diabetes is the body in order to adapt to "eat more are not fat," caused. Three meals a day a timed quantitative view of nutrition, does not meet the needs of a healthy, hungry before eating, to conform to the body's need to eat and drink is the right way!
. The stomach gurgling called, start the health and longevity the "vitality gene"!
South cloud physicians advocated "freestyle one meal a day" Health Act, without stringent fasting, for the purposes of 52 days, will be able to repair cell damage, so the new look of the body from the inside out!
M satiation is a close friend of the disease, the enemy of health!
The M appearance of the young, beautiful, is evidence of the health of the body from the inside out!
M is the key known as anti-aging the "vitality gene, is the master key to human life!
However, this gene only in the state of hunger in order to start. However, three meals a day plus snacks, to obstruct every day this gene to be effective.
Book of clouds in the south physician practicing medicine pressure caused by obesity, constipation and arrhythmia, after the exhaustion of the various methods of thin invalid, he not refer to the latest medical reports from a vegetarian, a soup, a rice diet, and gradually progress to freestyle day a catering food law, the result of not only physical health, not even the appearance looks more than 30 years old young.
When his effective diet, as well as the proven health new idea of ​​writing a book, in Japan immediately caused a sensation, a short period of time, has allowed him to become the three books and boarded the 100 bestsellers of much readers trust!
Freestyle Health Act, one meal a day, be able to:
1 activated cells to repair the damaged part of the body
2 to develop easy to lean body mass to maintain the most appropriate personal weight
3 Start the vitality of the body anti-aging gene, so that the skin gradually younger age
More importantly, his pace, one meal a day + the right amount of light food, but doing it is not difficult at all!

One meal a day, weight loss methods, weight loss, more young secret, vitality gene

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