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Effective weight loss exercise method

Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss exercise

Valid and interesting exercise to lose weight
Doing exercise to lose weight is a lot of people know the way to lose weight, many people just do not expect to visit the gym to exercise to lose weight, or running, jumping rope to lose weight, the original weight loss exercise can also be very interesting meaning.

Plastic bags can also make you lose weight slimming thought strike!

First, blow up a plastic bags and stroke tight and then placed in another plastic bags, and blow up a balloon would be formed after the stroke tight. As long as you can get the "balloon" at home to do the exercise to lose weight. Only stretched out his hands like playing volleyball, like the "balloon" to enhance and fifty times in a row can make you lose weight!

This is because you beat the "balloon" will stimulate the body's metabolism, so your ability to burn fat soared. Meanwhile, you can exercise your muscles, to know that the muscle's ability to burn fat, absolutely help you lose weight plan.

The beginning, you may feel too difficult, then you may want to add a few heavy bags, but the increasingly plastic bags made out of "balloon" weight loss is the worse. But you can go step by step, and do not get too impatient wants.

Different from the labor movement, labor is often laborious, it is back pain, exhausted. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, such as walking, running, riding a bicycle, swimming, jumping rope, up and down the ladder, and aerobic dance, need a lot of oxygen to participate, it can stimulate the heart and lung function, promote blood circulation, consume a large amount of heat lose weight, increase physical fitness and promote good health.
Weekdays are not sports, very little activity, it is necessary to develop the habit of regular exercise, may be difficult, but think of the movement, wet sticky feeling after sweating and sweat smell, is to make people feel not comfortable, probably more difficult. It is recommended to have the thought of people lose weight, and may wish to start their daily lives, "moving up".
Home activities drag mop the floor, wipe the windows, planting flowers and trees, you can let the body appropriate activities can burn calories and not too tired. Also take the stairs instead of taking the elevator; shorter distance to walk instead of ride, can all be implemented in life "movement."

The importance of the "warm-up exercise"
In order to avoid weight loss is not a cause of sports injuries, before exercise is best to do some warm-up exercises. The benefits of warm-up exercises is to raise body temperature and improve neuromuscular function, reduce sports injuries possibility. As for the need to do a long warm-up exercise? Warm-up exercise intensity and duration of an individual's circumstances may be, in general, at room temperature and the environment, began to sweat, the warm-up exercises to do enough.
"Warm-up exercise" can not be done too intense, so as not to cause local muscle fatigue or heartbeat, breathing increased too fast, it will prejudice the health, sports own physical condition and therefore should be measured prior to exercise, to adjust the "warm-up strength and time of the movement, in order to obtain the best results.
For example, I do exercise, it is best to do first 5-8 minutes of calisthenics, brisk walking or jogging on the spot, before actually engaged in intense exercise, so not only can improve the function of the nerves, muscles and cardiovascular system, and prevention campaigns injury.
Balanced nutrition, proper diet, plus regularity aerobic exercise, is the best way to lose weight, must change bad eating habits and develop regular exercise habits in order to maintain long-term weight loss results, there is hope reached.

Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss exercise

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