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Bitter gourd way to lose weight

Bitter gourd way to lose weight

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Balsam pear slimming effect is very good, because of the bitter gourd contains a high-energy Qingzhi great help for weight loss. This substance can help the body to prevent the absorption of fat, so directly help lose weight!

Bitter to lose weight quick fix
I and some good friends to experience: not changed any eating habits, consumption of any weight loss drugs, weight loss exercise, after consumption of bitter melon for a week generally can reduce 4-6 kg!
Bitter gourd contains rich in vitamins B, C, calcium, iron, etc., and has a significant hypoglycemic effect, have a certain effect on diabetes. It also has the ability to antiviral and anti-cancer effect. Friends can try to thin raw bitter gourd, containing CLT factors can prevent fat absorption.

Now specifically tell you is that the description of the method of bitter melon consumption

Method: Juice
Bitter bitter gourd juice, if you have the courage, gulped If you really can not stand, add a kiwi or tomato together juicer. Remember, do not add the sweet fruit, the sugar will affect balsam pear slimming prime stable. And remaining after the juice the bitter gourd scum should eat.
Fiber sub-soluble and insoluble most, bitter gourd slag fiber is insoluble fiber, and fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility and break down fat in the intestine magic Oh. If your stomach is not good, it is recommended that you up to eat two a day, before lunch and dinner each drink a bitter melon juice. If your stomach is very good, do not over four more would be Shang Wei.
Day four of each one before dinner early in the course, and then drink before going to bed three hours before the last cup, do not wait for bedtime before drinking. Bitter gourd absorbed by the body after the obvious reaction is thirsty, you do not want the middle of the night to drink plenty of water, and then the toilet? In addition, drink plenty of water will cause swelling of the body in the middle of the night.

Method: direct eat
If you do not have a juicer, you can directly eat the bitter gourd seeded and cut in half, cut into 1.5 cm wide small pieces, and then uninterrupted food, eating carefully chew until after feeling bitter gourd Juelan swallow, like eating a cucumber in his hand, as breath after eating the equivalent of eating one-third of the bitter gourd, natural weight loss good stuff, you can only absorb one-third or less.
Similarly, you sleep three hours after eating the bitter melon consumption is relatively large as concentrated before meals.

Few things to note:
1. Bitter melon is cold stuff, do not eat during the consumption of bitter gourd, do not drink tea, what tea green tea weight loss tea altogether stop to drink water. Although tea polyphenols is a good thing, but theophylline but it will hurt you have been tired from eating bitter gourd and stomach.
2. Black bitter gourd Green bitter gourd, and expensive, there is no need to buy, although it is not bitter. The yellow bitter gourd do not want to eat.
3. Under normal circumstances, bitter gourd and other natural foods to lose weight exclude edema, to remove fat from the intestine, these things in addition to many people the moment can not see the effect of the surface, do not give up, persist for some time you turn to the subcutaneous fat.
4. Bitter to lose weight, the speed will not soon, due to the consumption of bitter gourd reduced meals intake, coupled with the bitter gourd weight loss is the real reason to speed up the rate of weight loss. However, not bitter gourd as a psychological comfort to eat bitter gourd, eat as much rice right, then you will only get fat. Eat bitter gourd without dieting, but at least you should reduce the intake of spicy and greasy food.
5. Defecation will be more and more smooth, if there is severe diarrhea, your stomach can not stand, you reduce the consumption of bitter gourd or stop eating for some time.
6. The last point, of course, is to insist on it!
Try eat bitter gourd can see the effect of weight loss!

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