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Breakfast ways to lose weight

The breakfast rich a little more help lose weight

Many of my friends for breakfast have a lot of misunderstanding, feel that eating breakfast will become very fat, so many friends insist on slimming will quit eating breakfast, or eat very little. In fact, this is definitely slimming useless, on the contrary, even more weight gain no drop.

These two foods are meat, vegetables and bread, enough nutrition, but the biggest problem is higher grease. Meat, especially after frying meat, the higher the heat, so this type of breakfast is best not to over three times one week. And eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on the day is best not to eat fried foods.

Green porridge dishes but also protein

The porridge is a semi-liquid food, easy to digest and absorb, the elderly prefer. Laba porridge is the best in all kinds of porridge, several whole grains mixed with boiled, very convenient. More importantly, several grain can learn from each other to improve the nutritional value of the porridge.

However, this breakfast protein foods, it is recommended to add a cup of milk. Now, many elderly people have begun to pay attention to calcium intake. If milk intolerance, you can add an egg, or minced meat porridge, to add protein.

Beware of fruits and vegetables lack of energy

This is the preferences of young white-collar women strive to keep slim. This type of breakfast including fresh fruit, fresh juice, fresh fruit juice and vegetable salad. The kind of food can either provide vitamins, they can provide a certain amount of dietary fiber.

However, regardless of how with enough reasonable breakfast, because of which lack adequate energy and protein, can not meet the needs of the body "operation", a long-time damage to health, so I do not advocate eating.

Finally, the reporter asked the experts introduced their own breakfast, she said with a smile: "because I have less tolerance to cow's milk, so every day, drink half a cup of milk, half a cup of coffee, a piece of whole wheat bread, plus a ham or cheese . "

Sumptuous nutritious breakfast can help you lose more weight

Do not intended to excessive intake of calories for a sumptuous breakfast would, on the contrary, it allows you to absorb enough heat to enhance the body's metabolic rate. Some scientific studies have found that every day meal rich breakfast, four months after weight decline.

A sumptuous breakfast, including: a glass of milk, a turkey, cheese, two slices of whole wheat bread, a piece of chocolate, soy milk and other drinks. Starting today, got up earlier to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast, so you lose weight easily.

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