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2012年11月4日 星期日

Sweet potato way to lose weight


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Sweet potato eat only the size of a fist in the morning or in the evening, drink milk, both can be reconciled nutrition not be harmful. Low-calorie foods to eat two meals a day. The sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate, so weight loss is helpful. However, due to the intake of protein is not enough, so we must pay attention to protein supplements.

Sweet potato diet recipes, dinner time to advance. 5:30 early in the morning, I want to eat the first meal, a small bowl of rice, two sweet potato, two vegetables, remember not to have any meat. Sweet potato itself contains a lot of starch, the consumption of meat, starch will be a large converted into fat, not worth the candle. And the amount of each meal of sweet potato is not easy to overdose, or likely to cause bloating.

Eat sweet potatoes the best time in the morning from 4:00 to 12:00, which is the most appropriate body detoxification and excretion of time, therefore, in this period of time to eat sweet potato can achieve better results; And the best is to avoid or close to sleep at night time to eat a sweet potato, so difficult to digest.

In addition, the remaining two meals mainly with light vegetable foods, avoid lavish meals and other difficult-to-digest food. Also need to keep the movement for more than half an hour daily, accelerated lipolysis.
Way to lose weight, lose weight, sweet potato, sweet potato to lose weight


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