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2012年6月21日 星期四

Acupuncture weight loss

Acupuncture weight loss results in the end how

Summer has come, fat is nowhere to hide, many women are looking for ways to lose weight. Which acupuncture weight loss is one of the ways in recent years, large thermal weight loss, acupuncture weight loss in place need to pay attention to it? This reporter recently interviewed Liyun Yan, director of the Center of Jiangmen Wuyi Chinese medicine hospital treating disease, and Director of Chinese medicine practitioners. She said that the public do acupuncture to lose weight do not think to be done overnight, do not want to tie a needle will be able to reduce the number of pounds, to change the habits lead to obesity, and have the determination to stick to it.

Acupuncture weight loss
Exercise and diet with the very important

The summer came, the exam easier, there will be a lot of college entrance examination after students come to lose weight. Even very thin to less. "The Liyun Yan told reporters, less than 18-year-old children are still in developmental stages, the general does not recommend doing acupuncture weight loss, even if it is indeed obese, should be eating, and movement of less better. Finished college entrance examination, students are generally aged over 18 years, although the summer time is limited only by two young girls thin fast, and less fat after completion, the doctor will guide their daily diet, exercise the attention future improvement of life, eating habits, weight can continue to reduce. She recalled that after a college student to do acupuncture to lose weight, put the National Day holiday to pin back and forth less three years from the original 180 kilos less into 110 kilos, completely changed the whole person. the like. But she also stressed that this person is more perseverance girl, weekdays, exercise, diet both with the better than this premise is very important.

Acupuncture weight loss process, we have not found significant side effects. "Said Li Yunyan, acupuncture weight loss is based on Chinese medicine meridian theory, the human body acupuncture point for effective stimulation, promoting metabolism, adjusting the body functions to achieve effective weight loss goals. Therefore, weight loss acupuncture treatment for the treatment of irregular menstruation, insomnia, bad stomach, infertility and other symptoms have helped. She explained that some female infertility and its hormone levels, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, hormone levels cause ovulation abnormalities, belong to endocrine disorders, acupuncture can adjust endocrine, hormone, and other aspects of the problem. But she cautioned that acupuncture weight loss requires a needle abdominal acupuncture points, but women menstruation when the abdomen should be careful needle, it is generally as much as possible during menstruation and abdominal excessive contact, do not do acupuncture.

Weight loss but also a balanced diet

Women lose weight a little more weight loss is particularly good in the 18-50 age group in general. "Li Yunyan said that many women attach great importance to weight problems, get together to talk about weight loss. Most of her patients are obese patients, but some are not fat will to cut. "First of all, I will look at whether the person is more than the standard weight, if not more than the standard weight, I told them to understand that weight may not be less ideal." The Liyun Yan told reporters, some people, although the weight no problem, but local special obesity, such as the abdomen, particularly up, especially thick thighs, etc., will have a strong desire to lose weight, doctors will for the local situation, coupled with the meridians of the body adjust its adjustments body. "General, I will give them health education, let them correct the concept of weight loss." She stressed that weight loss should be health-based, not to the cost of health pursuit of morbid beauty.

The reporter learned that the current weight loss institutions require people to lose weight do not eat starch, in order to make weight loss more obvious. This approach, Li Yunyan does not support. "Do not eat rice, crude fiber, such as a small amount of pasta, coarse wheat bread, buckwheat instead of the can, but not long-term do not eat." She believes that the long-term do not eat starch, lack of vitamin B1 or certain trace elements , causing hair loss, fatigue, dry skin problems. , Do not eat starch diet can not be long-term adherence, weight loss is not two or three days, based on individual physical, personal degree of obesity limited dietary intake can be. She said that in the short term or a period segment, the total requirements of the weight loss diet, such as the daily starch, fat, sugar should not exceed the number, give guidance dosage. But she stressed that a balanced diet, long-term do not eat starch, and even long-term do not eat a certain kind of thing will not work. Absolutely can not eat anything, or do a lot of movement in order to achieve fast weight loss solution, weight loss is to consider diet and exercise ability to adhere to for many years, if not for many years insisted, it is best not to use, otherwise if not for many years adhere to, will weight the possibility of a rebound. Reporter Carefree