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2012年6月21日 星期四

Lazy weight loss method

Lazy weight loss method!
Wearing the ice vest will be able to when scrag

Days to! Many girls want to wear short and spicy, to show the same good figure, but fill out a small fleshy the winter where to Tibet? Want in sports, no perseverance, and often give up halfway, there is now scientific research to create an "ice vest" the use of low-temperature burn fat, not only do not worry about sweat sticking the TT, you can also achieve the purpose of weight loss.
Sports sweat is considered to be one of the burn calories, reduce weight the most effective way to find a completely different way to lose weight-low temperature; According to the "Daily Mail" reported that, the world's largest diabetes research institution, the Joslin Diabetes Research Center lose weight.
The human body has a "brown fat" in the ring of low temperature, this fat can burn and produce heat. Experiment, the scientists ask the subject to put an internal filling of 14 ° C water "ice vest" after two hours, the brown fat of the subjects who significantly reduced.
The researchers said that this method would be the body's sympathetic nervous system have an impact, the new start of the reaction mechanism of the human body, including blood pressure to rise, burn fat, and use of this low-temperature weight loss also avoids the side effects of weight loss drugs treatment