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2012年6月22日 星期五

10 quickly thin with 10 eating habits

10 quickly thin with 10 eating habits 

Core Tip: Summer is a good season to lose weight, the following Xiaobian summarizes several very suitable for the food we eat in the summer, to help you quickly lose weight, but also to enjoy the delicious weight-loss purposes.

Eat poultry meat, eat less pork
The protein in meat, poultry, animal protein, essential nutrients. However, pork fly in the ointment containing unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, nutritionists in favor to eat more chicken, duck, not the pork can not eat, just eat less pork, healthy.

Mushroom foods to be included in the dietary pattern
Mushrooms, mushrooms, black fungus mushroom foods, containing protein than the average vegetable high proportion of the appropriate essential amino acids, trace elements and other essential substances, long-term consumption can play a role in health care.

Food can not be less
Variety of food, per capita food intake is less and less. If the long-term heat insufficient intake of carbohydrates to provide heat to less than 55% of dietary calories, the body can only proteins act as a thermogenic substance, resulting in child growth and development stopped; adult feebly, very tired. In addition to obesity, diabetes patients, the adult daily food intake should generally be 300 to 400 g.
Best day to eat 500 grams of vegetables (including 50 to 100 grams of fruit)
In addition to the rich in vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables are also rich in dietary fiber. Will help prevent constipation, but also reduce the damage of harmful substances in the feces on the intestinal wall to prevent colon cancer, but also beneficial to prevent obesity, improve lipid metabolism.
Salt, is definitely a double-edged sword
Many studies have shown that lack of salt, not worse; but the high-salt diet on human health. The high salt leading to gastric ulcer, gastric cancer, one of the culprits. High sodium or high blood pressure is particularly evident. In addition, high sodium diet can also cause calcium loss. Change bad eating habits, "salty fresh" efforts to achieve a family of three monthly salt intake to about 500 grams.
Create the conditions for eating marine fish
In marine fish fish oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids, lipid-lowering effect, the polyene fatty acid and blood cholesterol and can reduce platelet aggregation, reduce blood viscosity, and effectively eliminate the intravascular fat deposition, is a vascular scavenger . "
Control high-fat diet
Physiologists observed that if the per person per day for an additional 1 tablespoon sugar (15 grams) 1 tablespoon oil (15 g), then one year will increase the weight of 10 kg. Less fat and no more harmful.
General adult per day per person 2 tablespoons (30 grams); obesity, hyperlipidemia patients per day per person 1 tablespoon for the degree.
Per person per day for an egg
Eat eggs can lose weight? Egg yolk lecithin can lower blood viscosity, to avoid cholesterol calm. Eggs provide essential amino acids, the composition ratio is very suitable for human needs.
Per person per day for a bottle of milk

Every day after breakfast or before going to sleep one hour added a bottle of milk, the habit of drinking milk. Drink milk to lose weight? Milk rich in calcium, there are reports in the literature, atherosclerosis, hypertension, colon cancer, Alzheimer's psychosis of the occurrence and progression with calcium deficiency. The lactase deficiency can not drink milk, you can change the yogurt.
Every day, eat beans and soy
Beans and soy products not only help solve malnutrition, to supplement the human body needs protein, but also to prevent excess nutrients, unlike the meat that will increase cholesterol. Among them, the soybean protein content in the existing crop, the best quality crop.