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2012年7月17日 星期二

Bath can lose weigh

The fast way to lose weight ways to lose weight, calories, obesity bath every day can help lose weight, but also reduced pressure to maintain a happy mood.

As long as two spoons of coarse salt to about forty degrees warm water and mix well. Soak for about five minutes, leaving about 30 secret, the case of two to three times soaking. Finally, you can use shower gel to clean sweat net. In this way, we can quickly help the body to the removal of toxins, increase blood circulation.

You can also try the dual immersion hot warm bath weight loss
Outside in the bathtub, and prepare more than one tub, one put a 42-degree water, and another to put away the warm water of 35 degrees. First in the 42-degree water bath soak, body can sweat Bu leave the bathtub with a towel to dry the body, and then enter the 35 degree warm water tub, until the body adjusts to the water temperature, and then back and forth into the hot water and warm four to five times between the soaking water.

In this way, the blood vessels in the expansion and contraction, blood circulation improved, the weight loss will soon see!

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