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2013年8月26日 星期一

Tailored weight loss - weight loss nutrition

Diet, nutrition diet, tailored to lose weight, weight loss methods

Tailored to lose weight

Features: According to their different situations, tailored weight loss programs that seek to maximize the effect of weight loss.

Reason: Because obesity by age, sex, accompanied by chronic illness, physical condition, lifestyle and diet, genetic factors and other aspects of the existence of many differences, so weight loss needs vary, symptomatic and treatment. Tailored weight loss methods should include: the use of targeted products, correct poor eating habits, a healthy weight loss psychology.

Note: You need to find an experienced professional bodies, or expert.

Nutrition Diet

Features: attribution diet weight loss methods, ie eat less, and eat high nutritional value, which is the essence of weight loss diet.

Reason: simple obesity fundamental question, that is, greater than calories consumed calories. The daily food intake of too much heat and high in calories or food intake too much about. So the way to lose weight is mainly nutritional meal replacement with high nutrition low calorie low nutrient foods to replace high-calorie foods.

Note: meal replacement food nutrition contained in the human body must be able to meet daily needs.

Diet, nutrition diet, tailored to lose weight, weight loss methods -->

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