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2013年8月25日 星期日

My best weight loss experience

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People are not necessarily born so I was able to ~ ~
I used to think I was born to eat no fat is not considered to be never thought this thing to lose weight
I grew up in a completely impossible to eighteen-year-old former life so what's too much trouble ~
Not all the way on the thin fat thin too there is no mood
Until their own to understand really fat over what is this feeling

Well yes ~
I'm too fat I lean over (to 60 fattest few too thin is not the most fun a few over 30
All things grow up speaking not a student of)
I also had my ugly beauty too (I do not recognize you really do not want a bird sorry puff)
I also had my mundane immortality too ~ (ibid. ha ha ha)

So what could have been unknowingly change because of their own has been naturally accept the present self
But to return to their own memories will be scared to death of a sober one Mimi!! @ @

And there are less overweight woman who must have very understanding who did not lose weight on a diet
(Even if that person has been killed does not recognize that there is no natural thin
Ghost Talk has been eating lean category you will still know that on the right)
Because we are born of a woman ~ ~ ~ ~ baa effort to bring natural sensitivity on the right
What is not made no less compared nerves so people will know not to lie to us liars ==

The weight loss was every woman are crazy insane
Then check after famous people all day love concept crazy crazy to think why someone is thin
View Cha fat habits (in fact, they do not see their own view compared with others on why to eat together on the understanding of fat ==)
There concept investigation although this behavior is really thin habit afterwards feel like a madman, but when the diet is really a big, big help
Please go and see everyone around you scrag friends how they eat
Why lose weight you know you can eat something happens for a reason ah
Will be thin is not unreasonable! (Thin skinny love easily eat wasting scrag drinks are left ....)
Now immediately go to learn these innate habits thin it!

But step by step, until all their own experiences will be found after the weight loss really is commonplace two words
"Eat eat eat eat" You eat eat his mother is a little catty! Look do you want to eat!

There are some standard ideas mentality undesirable fat ~ ~
Feel you are born fat then you really have to wait a lifetime fat dead
Sense of self and not thin down the meat that group will not leave you that your flesh will die really stick in your body do not go too
Feel faint small meal would die the next second would exaggerated ideas
Do not feel you have to malnutrition every day, three meals a (fixed to eat three meals a day I do not see where your nutrition man?)

Can only say that the idea is very important
You put their own thoughts and actions on what type it is, what kind of person you are
Anyway, that is the law of attraction wants to believe their own right ~ ~
In particular, it is really doing anything to lose weight, only their own will not do not do not do no ~ ~ ~

Another misconception is that weight loss is equal to an unhealthy state of mind???
Really strange an idea - an unhealthy diet will not make you okay ~
It will not kill you can not see how you go let him dissolve in your life
Real change their own bad habits, including some small bad diet habits mentality ideas
Maybe you really are beginning to implement these things themselves and forced
But really really do not dissolve Who taught you after you will naturally remember
See a woman born into a dislike to others see you go
Innate nature to become a fairy-like ethereal everyone belly rotten you ~
How can you make someone else feel this model skinny people to eat no fat see the woman!

Of course, no one will make you lean to lean to the variable star talent called variable model or paper thin ~
"Thin" into what is entirely their own standards
Whether you lost 0.1 kg or lost a few kilos of their own standards as long as they are lost forever
Happy to accept their own thin appearance change will indirectly change the mentality and life ~

Clothes look good is no longer the clothes you pick clothes to pick you up
Will be more and more confident of some promise looks different maybe not all but a person's first impression
Themselves are not pleasing to the eye pinching yourself why would happy??

In the most tried dieting eating fat when tried tried tried all these sports
Also want to give too have failed to maintain over a long period of time did not change once thought themselves too thin enough enough enough US perfect
Has also been seriously crazy people want lean into the paper (but the same approach taken just eat and where to go in no way morbid)

Finally goes above losers remember eating a diet this way you can rest, but did not give up the mood
Weight loss is not the devil not necessarily have to die every day, three hundred sixty-five days forces you to make you bitter
But you do not forget what little too long did not forget to get the only care that you must eat fat
Do not rely on drugs supplements do not rely on what is the real secret to your success because you are integrated into the lifestyle of the

This is my way from 2007 when the mood fattest
Until 2008 Height 158 ​​cm Weight 40 kg a year's experience since the record ~
Because now I have is less need to worry about this kind of thing does not feel the weight of the ~ how much pain when
Most weight loss method to take pleasure weekends system
Monday to Friday, I will seriously lose weight ~ 26 I will play with eating holiday Kiyomatsu
Eating and drinking out is fun no matter how long after the time is smaller than fat eaters eat after all a pull multiple pull the bottom line!
've Never drinks a woman will die without Ribes now raving but he did not really love the point where he wants to turn against
Before I was completely without water who later will also go out to drink tea with water or sugar-free drinks learn to love it

This really is truly born to eat do not eat fat woman plus fairies see it

World is really no ugly simply see if a woman like
When we come to a natural fairy elegant woman see it ~ ~

Do not forget to always remind himself of a large thin
Fairy own self is a beauty all their own so beautiful

Do not look at the words are like an idiot
Speaking for a long time will become really really do not need it .... compare yourself with any one person is their own perfect fairy
No ranking is no need to give an account of their own who can produce a perfect transcript of thin
Of course, not been overeating dead in bed then this idiot in that fantasy things and to have succeeded friends ~
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