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2013年8月23日 星期五

The first step in successful weight loss: Do not Diet

The first step in successful weight loss: Do not Diet 

When you are very hungry, your body will automatically switch into survival mode, at this time go to the supermarket to buy things is not a wise choice, the study found when you're hungry, the brain will think of high-calorie foods can give you more energy, and then involuntarily buy high calorie foods without realizing it.

Cornell University Food and Brand Lab (Food and Brand Lab) study observed that, people are really hungry in the supermarket to buy more food, but when these people into buying more high-calorie foods what happens when the behavior things happen? The fate of such behavior is that will make you or your family in the next few days had to eat several meals are buying high-calorie foods.

Candy, sweets and salty foods such as red meat, in this study are considered high-calorie foods, and fruits, vegetables and chicken breast is considered a low calorie food. In addition, the researchers also emphasize a meal to eat a diet while ignoring, is likely to be a very bad way.

In fact, our body could not tell deliberate starvation dieting and really what is the difference, the body does not know us 24 hours to get very easy to buy something to eat, they will not have nothing to eat troubles. That is, the human body or the evolution of agricultural science and technology can not keep up the speed, it stays in the past - only humans have to work hard to eat food.

Therefore, when the body did not have time to eat, because it does not know what to eat when there next meal, then switch to survival mode - something to eat as much as possible to eat, and then start to pick high-calorie.

This complex defense response can affect both physical and mental state. When you start with selecting and eating, the body will guide you to find high-calorie foods, and began to hoard goods to prepare for contingencies.

Observation Research

In order to confirm this view, the researchers made two experiments. The first pilot told the participants began to enter the five hours prior to the study do not eat anything.

Before starting the test, the researchers will give participants some 68 small biscuits for hungry people. Then, let them in a simulated online store shopping. The results showed that there are hungry people choose high-calorie foods purchased tendencies.

The second study is the actual shopping study, the researchers tracked 82 people who actually go to the supermarket shopping, these people will be randomly arranged most of the day when hunger or satiety buy most things. The results once again proved hungry people will buy relatively tall calories.

These studies what kind of message do?

If you want to lose weight successfully, then the first step is not to diet, especially those with a meal to eat. This approach will stir your survival instincts, strengthen your desire to eat, once you break the stand, not only will eat more food, but also high-ceilinged calories to start with. And basal metabolic rate will go down along with the weight loss, then you eat is high-calorie foods, weight will soon hit back as the.

Remember one thing, no shortcut to weight loss, only the regular diet, eat healthy and good exercise habits.
The first step in successful weight loss: Do not Diet 

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